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12 Easy Tricks If You Want to Look Good in Your Next Sexy IG Post

Post your best sultry pic yet!
We keep on sharing pegs of low-key sexy poses, but we haven't really discussed the basics and of taking a good sexy photo. Unlike regular selfies and OOTDs, it calls for superb art direction and props.TOP STORY: We're Obsessed with Lovi Poe's Effortlessly

This Artistic Duo's Instagram Photos Will Put Yours to Shame

They will redefine the meaning of #FeedGoals.
There is no shortage of millennials who will squeal at the sight of an Instagram-worthy backdrop—a colorful graffiti or a pastel pink wall is almost always a surefire way to score your followers’ virtual hearts. And when it comes to making the

6 Easy Tips to Level Up Your Instagram Stories

Improve your microblogging skills.
You may have mastered curating your Instagram feed. Next in line for you to conquer is the Instagram story! You don't want to have the same content from Snapchat, so you face the dilemma of being extra creative on your IG stories.