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5 Trends That Ruled Instagram in 2018

Do you remember all these?
Instagram is probably today's best venue to find out whether a certain fad, phenomenon, item, or place is the top pick of the season. As they say, if you didn't post it, it didn't happen. And so as 2018 draws to a

8 Trendy Fashion Items Influencers Can't Stop Wearing

So trendy!
Want to know the easiest way to find out what the latest trends are? Just check out some of your favorite influencers’ feeds. Their profiles are filled with must-haves for the season. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest by doing a bit

7 Fashion Trends I Tried Because of Instagram

Instagram is a fount of all things trendy. And as you continue to scroll down your feed, you get more convinced in trying new fashion trends just because your favorite influencers have already hopped on a trend. Yet here you are, still

This Cool New App Will Animate Your Summer OOTDs

BRB, downloading!
Amidst the Kira Kira and Boomerang posts all over Instagram, there's a cool new app you can use on your OOTDs to stand out. Plotaverse offers animation that will make any background come to life.One of the first few who discovered it

5 Sitting Poses That Are Taking Over Instagram

We give you the lowdown on these trending poses.
When you've grown tired of taking your OOTDs standing up, then you better start mastering how to take them while sitting down. Celebrities and bloggers around the world are getting hooked on the latest trending Insta-sit poses. And who can blame them?

These Local Celebs Are Currently Obsessed With Analog Camera Filters

Check out the recent Instagram uploads of Anne Curtis, Maine Mendoza, and Liza Soberano!
In case you didn't notice, there's a new trend on Instagram: disposable analog camera filters! Celebrities like Anne Curtis, Maine Mendoza, and Liza Soberano have been posting new photos that look like old prints from the '90s—meaning, color contrast, especially the red channel, was reduced, and the

Wonder Woman's Hidden Sword Is Now an Instagram Trend

The imitations are hilarious.
We all want to be Wonder Woman and/or Gal Gadot (who apparently didn't earn as much as we thought from the film!), but the fans over on Instagram have taken the hashtag #lifepeg a notch further. Wanna know what we mean? Here's

You Have to See This New Ear Piercing Trend

Sooo pretty.
Some of us at Preview HQ have gone under the needle several times over—for piercings, that is. We just can't help it! Being the proud purveyors of glittering constellations on our ears is our face-framing technique of choice, and here comes yet

This New Designer Bag Is Blowing Up Our Instagram Feeds

It's what all the cool girls are carrying.
Gucci’s Dionysus has met its match! Though the Italian brand’s chain-strapped shoulder bag continues to make its rounds on social media, another one is slowly catching up. IMAGE j-w-anderson.comWe’re talking about British designer J.W. Anderson’s Pierce bag (named as such because of the single ring

9 Cliché Posts We’re Already Tired of Seeing on Instagram

Enough of these, please.
There’s no shame in wanting to maintain a clean, well-curated Instagram account. We’ve all had our fair share of #instahoe moments that got us on the constant lookout for interesting walls, foodstagrammable menus, and anything pineapple-themed to increase our chances of earning

Is the Minimalist Instagram Trend Making You Lazy?

Here's how to get out of your rut.
The minimalist Instagram trend is a pleasure to subscribe to, because well, aesthetics. It also doesn’t hurt that every major clothing company is currently catering to the demand and making things easier for all of us.But trying to fit the monochrome bill