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10 All-Black Outfit Ideas to Nail That Dark "Monochrome Core" Aesthetic

The dark side is strong with this trend.
If you’ve been sucked into the world of OOTD Reels on Instagram, you’ve most likely come across the all-black outfit trend that's going viral on the platform. Plainly referred to as “monochrome core,” this aeshetic isn’t just about wearing head-to-toe black. Distinct

Animal Print Is This Summer's Rising Instagram Swimsuit Trend

Walk on the wild side.
In the jungle, the mighty're invited for a swim! Animal print is Instagram's up-and-coming swimsuit trend, so it's high time you start practicing your roar.We love the '80s beach babe vibe that cheeky, high-cut leopard spots lend. Talk about Baywatch, but

5 Sitting Poses That Are Taking Over Instagram

We give you the lowdown on these trending poses.
When you've grown tired of taking your OOTDs standing up, then you better start mastering how to take them while sitting down. Celebrities and bloggers around the world are getting hooked on the latest trending Insta-sit poses. And who can blame them?

You Have to See This New Ear Piercing Trend

Sooo pretty.
Some of us at Preview HQ have gone under the needle several times over—for piercings, that is. We just can't help it! Being the proud purveyors of glittering constellations on our ears is our face-framing technique of choice, and here comes yet

The Tinted Grid is the New Instagram Trend to Try

It's time to give your feed a makeover!
When it comes to Instagram, everyone has their own thing going on. While the battle between washed out and colorific grids is still very much apparent, another style seems to be succeeding in getting its own fair share of the spotlight. Introducing: