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When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

Here's how you can maximize engagement on your feed.
Any Instagrammer would know that building a strong social media presence begins with creating compelling content that the intended audience cannot get enough of. But even if your content is first-rate, if it isn’t posted on time, people won’t see it and

8 Blogger Jowa-Approved Tips Every Instagram Boyfriend Needs to Master

Learn from these pros!
"Behind every blogger is a supportive Jowa making sure that the photo is perfect."This seems to be the Blogger Jowas' motto. The @BloggerJowas Instagram account (which has more than 90,000 followers the last time we checked) shows us what it's like to take the perfect Instagram photo, based

Here’s Why Your Nose Looks Bigger in Your Selfies

Angles are everything.
Thanks to countless photo-editing apps out there, not all selfies on the internet are as realistic as they seem. It's become way too easy for us to alter our facial features that we can hardly tell anymore whether people have retouched their

The Science Behind Facebook-Friendly Travel Photos

Method to the madness.
To buy or not to buy—that is the question. I was wandering around aimlessly around Greenbelt last night, killing time while waiting for my sons—my de facto carpool—to pick me up. The fact that it seemed to take forever for them to

Bea Marin's Tricks on How to Achieve a Well-Curated Instagram Grid

Score tips from this stylish young blogger.
For fashion blogger Bea Marin, everything seems to exude effortlessness. From her naturally mussed bedhead to her artfully ripped jeans, she displays a quiet kind of cool, the kind that looks good in a white T-shirt and no makeup. Relying on a

The Dos and Don'ts of Posting Art on Instagram

Don't touch the art.
It's Art Fair Week again! With this celebration of the arts, we know how exciting it is to go to the fair and partake in the activities whether you're a buyer or not. So if you're a humble spectator with a penchant

How to Take the Perfect Group Photo

Because selfies won't cut it.
In our social media-driven age, group photos are a must at any gathering. Whether it's to prove the event actually did occur or to show off a themed dinner, it's a fun way of documenting a memory. But, as with all things,

How to Take Travel Photos Like Anne Curtis

#Travelgram on fleek!
Ask us for a list of celebrity jetsetters and we’ll definitely answer Anne Curtis off the top of our heads. The national sweetheart frequently explores one beautiful destination after another, and every single time, she never fails to supply us with travel

How to Take the Perfect Travel #OOTD

Framing is everything!
We hate to admit it, but when it comes to vacations and trips, this rule applies: “If it’s not on social media, it didn’t happen.” It’s a given that you’re going to want to Instagram the heck out of your travels, flawless

How To Take A Perfect Foodstagram

Fashion bloggers Nicole Andersson and Kryz Uy are all snapping pretty food shots. Read on for our expert tips for taking your own.
1. Shoot by a window.Anyone who loves taking food shots’ best friend is natural light. My best advice is to shoot by a window. (The bigger, the better, TBH). There is so much you can do with window light. You can go

Celebrity Instagram Secrets

Want to look lovely on IG? Find out what apps Nadine Lustre, Tricia Gosingtian, Liz Uy and more like to use.
You've spent countless hours you can never take back lurking on their Instagram accounts, marvelling at their lust-worthy grids and photos that launch a thousand double taps—finally, these celebs speak up on the secrets to being Instagram famous.Nadine Lustre"Its all about color

Take A Workout Selfie Like Carlos Concepcion

Tricia Centenera, Victoria Herrera, An Estrada, and Raymond Gutierrez all follow him.
You’ve met the #shoefie queen, now it’s time to put the spotlight on the #workoutselfie king, Carlos Concepcion.Carlos is a super fitspiration that has caught the attention of even the ladies in our abs we envy list.   Tricia Centenera, Victoria Herrera, An Estrada,