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Instagram Hacks: Creative Backgrounds

How to shoot the perfect OOTD against scenic creative spaces
If you've grown tired of using a plain white wall as your OOTD default background and want to try something else a little more "busy" or "lively", but haven't really gotten the hang of  shooting yourself against your new fun BG, here

3 IG Filter Hacks from Some of Our Favorite Insta-Girls

Know what to (-) or (+) on VSCO and Snapseed.
On the search for the perfect formula for a flawless Instagram feed? We asked four of our favorite instagirls to spill their #feedgoals-worthy secrets. For a minimalist black-and-white feedNika Higashionna (@nikahigashionna)Sample flatlay:Sample OOTD:The Cheat SheetApp: VSCOFilter: SE3Exposure: +1Contrast: +2Sharpen: +2Saturation -2For girls who

8 Celebs Who Are Masters of the Flatlay

Follow these top shot photography experts!
We already shared with you the secrets to mastering the art of the #flatlay, but in case you want more mentoring to polish your top shot photography skills, we know just the right people who could help. Below, we round up eight

12 Secrets Of Super Liked Instagrams, Revealed!

Learn a trick or two from these pro Instagrammers.
After scouring social media for the best washed-out and colorific grids last week, we happened to notice a lot of things in common among our pro Instagrammers. Now, just for the #lols of it, we compiled a few tricks of the trade