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10 Tips on How to Be a Good Instagram Boyfriend or BFF

Important lessons!
We've discussed posing ideas multiple times here on, so we decided it's time to pivot to another essential element when posting pretty photos. We're talking about the Instagram boyfriends and BFFs, the unsung heroes of our double-tap worthy pics. Without them,

Here's What It's Really Like to Be an #InstagramBoyfriend

Meet the boys behind the @BloggerJowas.
It's no mystery that, most of the time, behind every perfectly angled and framed fashion blogger photo is a very dedicated Instagram husband or boyfriend. And although most of these boys choose to stay behind the camera, these six "jowas" have begged to

5 Celebs and Their Instagram Beau-tographers

Yay for instant photogs!
The great thing about having an Instagram boyfriend/husband? Think of it as hitting two birds in one stone, or maybe even three. You get a photographer, a travel companion, and a date—all rolled into one. Below are some of our local stars