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5 Inspiring Lessons to Succeed in the Creative Industry, According to Fashion Experts

BJ Pascual sat down with former Preview EIC Pauline Juan and Creative Director Vince Uy for a candid talk about success and creativity.
BJ Pascual’s first episode of his “POWER” vlog series is pretty nostalgic if you happen to be a long-time Preview reader. BJ’s opening spiel is a story a lot of Filipino fashion lovers can relate to. If you grew up as a

Ateneo's 2019 Valedictorian Has a Tear-Jerking Essay on Success

"I was raised in poverty—there was never enough food on our table, my parents were not always regular employees, and as students, my sister and I had childhoods filled with promissory notes for delayed tuition fee payments."
Ateneo de Manila University's valedictorian for 2019 just wrote an inspiring essay on hardwork and generosity, and it's a thought-provoking piece that everyone should read.Graduating as a cum laude for B.A. Management Economics, Reycel Hyacenth Bendaña also happens to be the President

10 IG Accounts That Will Inspire You to Live a Better Life

Your daily inspiration.
After discussing how to minimize stress in your life, this week we're tackling wellness. Follow these 10 Insta-accounts to get your daily inspo on health, spirituality, and empowerment:1. @mindbodygreenEasily my "Bible" when it comes to wellness because the feed is so holistic. It

Liz Uy's Letter to Her Younger Self Is the Most Inspiring Thing You'll Read Today

She talks about fashion, love, life, and career.
Life pre-Instagram, pre-online shopping. Life before likes and follows mattered. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about, but you’ll understand soon enough. You’re in for a roller-coaster ride!Your first job interview will change your life. Don’t be late. Make sure you wear

17 Quotes to Inspire You in the New Year

New year, new perspective!
As we move into the new year, it brings us to recollect what has been and gives us a chance to recalibrate our lives, geared to the future we aim. And so, we've rounded up inspirational quotes not just to give you

Meet 5 Of The Most Inspiring Women In Sports

Know their story and take a note or two.
Listen up, ladies! Drop those Christmas fruitcakes, start drafting your New Year's resolution list and commit to a more fit and active lifestyle. Your super adorable workout clothes and your Nike Roshes shouldn’t be collecting dust in your closet. This year, fitness

How To Dress Up Like You Own The Club

Heading to Disclosure's DJ set tomorrow? We've got three looks you can pull off!
The party scene these days allow you to dress up based on personality and not just because the place dictates a specific look. With that in mind, we put together three looks that make you look like you own the damn place.

Stylesetter: Kathryn Bernardo

Take sartorial notes from Kathryn's chic casual look!
We caught up with teen queen, Kathryn Bernardo, during her Smart C launch just last week, and we couldn’t help but love her youthful ensemble—she played around with prints and bright colors, which perfectly reflected her bubbly personality. She also finished it

4 Outfits Inspired By Taylor Swift's Greatest Hits

We put the spotlight on one of our favorite blondies for style inspiration.
Our go-to playlist when the tough gets going, love-wise, is of course, Taylor Swift. She has a way of turning her feelings into songs that we can’t help but sing-along to. And since she will we performing in Manila this Friday, we

4 Looks Any Mom Can Pull Off

We put together four looks that any mom can easily wear on any occasion or errand!
Mother’s Day is well on its way and definitely fast approaching. In an effort to thank all of the mothers out there—we put together four classic yet trendy looks that you can wear while running errands, meeting up with friends for a

11 Must-have Camo Pieces

In light of the Day of Valor, we pick 11 camo pieces we're totally crushing on!
Camo, short for camouflage (as if you didn't know), has been a big trend that’s survived seasons. Somehow, we always find a way to incorporate this tough print into any of our outfits—from sneakers, to shorts, to belts, and of course, tops

Sweat It In Style

We put together 3 smokin' yoga outfits that guarantee your legit yogini status.
Summer is right here, right now, and we know that everyone has been gearing up for their beach bodies for weeks and even months now. With that in mind, we put together three amazing outfits for one of our favorite workouts ever—yoga.

Boots Made For Walking, Jumping, And Dancing

Between treading uneven ground and jumping to your fave song, these booties are sure to nail your street cred.
If stilettoes can make you look sexy, a pair of boots allows you to do almost everything a pair of heels can't—like tread uneven ground, jump to your heart's delight, dance like nobody's watching, even bike, perhaps? You see, from being exclusive

Halloween Year-round

Find out if you're unintentionally bringing your favorite character to life.
While everyone is busy squeezing out their creative juices to find a banging costume for this year's halloween, we can't help but notice that there are some who, wittingly or unwittingly, already personify some of the most popular characters to hit the

Editors' Picks: Preview Ball Mood Board

We share our outfit inspirations for the year's biggest fashion party.
Every year, as soon as we decide on a theme for the Preview Ball, we already start looking for things to inspire us to create the perfect look. The theme this time around is all about fun footwear, so read on as

Preview Ball

We begin the countdown to the much-awaited Preview Ball 2013.
#PreviewBall2013 is still a few days away but we can’t hide our excitement any longer. While we wait to see and of course share everyone’s outfits, we decided to put together looks inspired by this year’s theme: Dancing Shoes. We’ll be coming

The Great Gatsby

Managing Editor Eunice Lucero rhapsodizes over the Twenties.
Like most of Manila, I got Gastby-fied over the weekend, and seeing as Baz Luhrmann is only my Most Favorite Director Of All Time, I was beside myself with excitement when his latest blockbuster exploded on the scene. The auteur’s vision of

Personal Stylist: Oscar-nominated Films

We create looks inspired by six films nominated for Best Picture.
To satiate our red-carpet fever, we've created six Oscar winner-inspired looks for some spotlight-stealing of your own:ARGOThe film directed by Ben Affleck was set in 1979. The women featured in the film wore pieces that are corporate, we picked the same items