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Celebrity Pets Princess, RagÙ And Beauty Spotted At The Swatch Launch

Anne Curtis, Matteo Guidicelli, Billy Crawford and Colleen Garcia were their dates.
It was a happy dog day party when Swatch launched their six-piece collection at the Roof Deck of the Swatch & Swatch building in Makati. With award-winning designer Jerome Lorico as the mastermind, they decked out the venue with adorable doggie beds,

Veejay Floresca & Ino Caluza For Honda Jazz

Brilliant orange, sparkly silver, tough-guy leather and lots of textures to welcome the fun, young, hip, active and trendy new ride.
Veejay Floresca and Ino Caluza of Viktor Jeans were tapped by Honda to launch the 2011 model of the Honda Jazz. Geared towards the young, hip, fun, active, and trendy market, the Jazz was introduced by a five-part fashion show dubbed "Jazz