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Did You Know? Ifugao Rice Is Now an Endangered Heritage Food

If you've ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky.
If you’ve ever tasted Ifugao rice, consider yourself lucky. Not a lot of Filipinos get to have the same experience—it is produced in small quantities, and is not available to a lot of places in the country. This heritage food is produced by

10 Must-Have Ingredients If You're Planning to Cook Korean Dishes at Home

DIY samgyeopsal at home? Add these to your shopping list for your next Korean grocery run!
Missing your favorite Korean restaurants after binge-watching K-dramas? The good news is that you can easily satisfy those K-cravings at home! Korean dishes have that signature flavor that’s unique to them, but they’re not at all impossible to recreate—although in order to

5 Things You Need to Know Before Using a Vitamin C Serum

Use it the right way!
Vitamin C has tons of skin benefits. This powerful antioxidant helps even out skin tone, protects us from sun damage, and increases our skin's turnover rate, among others. These are backed by years of dermatology research, too, so it's no wonder it's one of

What Are Sulfates and Do They Really Damage Your Hair?

Hear us out—they’re actually not that bad!
I used to be an anti-sulfate advocate. Years of coloring my hair has made me into the kind of person who’s protective about my hair color. I was into serious dyeing: salon-done, the kind you get precious about. Heck, if I could

Salicylic Acid Is the Secret to Smaller-Looking Pores and Here's Proof

Here's everything you need to know.
We’ll be honest—you can’t really shrink your pores. That’s a myth. Pore size is genetic, because you can either have tiny, invisible ones or the exact opposite. So yes, until someone invents a pore-shrinking machine, your pores are going to stay the

8 Ingredients to Look for When Shopping for Skin Care Products

This will make your shopping a lot easier!
When shopping for skin care, you can't always trust what it claims on the box. You need to train your own eyes to go straight to the ingredients list instead. This is because skin care products need to have the right components

Botanical Beauty

Treat yourself to a new crop of beauty products that feature the best the world of flora has to offer.