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How to Keep Your Skin from Breaking Out While Traveling

If there's a will, there's a way!
Traveling can wreak absolute havoc on our skin. The combination of airplane humidity, temperature changes, and lack of sleep (most of the time) could mean chaos in our hormones and pores. Hence, the sprouting of either one massive pimple or a full-on breakout

How to Look Glowing Even After a Long-Haul Flight

You have to see Nicole Andersson's in-flight skin care routine!
 To make a living while traveling around the world is a Preview girl’s ultimate dream, but just so you know, long-haul flights can be taxing to your skin—just ask blogger Nicole Andersson, who goes the extra mile (literally!) to make sure that

Here's Why You Need to Put on a Face Mask During a Long-Haul Flight

Don't forget to pack one in your carry-on bag!
In case you didn’t know yet, air travel is a wrecking ball in the beauty department. Low cabin humidity sucks moisture out of your skin, which results to surprise zits popping out of nowhere. Long-haul flights are especially worse (say you’re headed