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10 Luxury Fashion Houses and the Signature Items That Made Them Famous

You can see that it’s Hermès even from a mile away.
Branding is a vital part of any business. Apart from easily recognizable pieces, an iconic item will propel any fashion house to fame. That said, let’s take a look back on 10 luxury brands’ signature fashion pieces that have permanently etched them

15 Celebs and Their Signature Looks

Define iconic.
As the old saying goes, "If it ain't broken, why fix it?" More than their body of work, the one thing that makes a star truly iconic is a specific look that's uniquely his or hers. Often imitated but never duplicated, their

How to Turn Your Desktop Icons into Emojis

Attention, Mac users.
Those generic blue folder icons might seem like an Apple cult classic. But sometimes, it actually ruins your desktop’s aesthetic. Why not give it a makeover?If you’re as obsessed with Emojis as we are, you’re gonna want to know how to get them

Pop Quiz: Celebrity Hairdos

Can you tell who your favorite stars are, just by their hair?
Hair can always grow back, but a fleeting moment in style can forever be etched into our consciousness. Put your beauty IQ to the test and see if you can ID these personalities through their hair. 1. Clue: No one knows who she