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This Al-Fresco Cafe in Marikina Is Perfect for a Chill Day

It's got a carefree vibe you won't want to leave.
You can find all sorts of cafés in Manila, and for many of these places, there tends to be an overarching philosophy of "more is more"—whether that's in the form of eye-popping aesthetic interiors, high-tech brewing equipment or machinery, and the like.

Kitkat Iced Coffee Exists and Here's How to Make It

Two of my favorite things: chocolate and caffeine.
I like my cup of Joe sweet and cold to help me start my day. I've been brewing coffee at home for almost a year, and I admit I need to expand my recipe database.As I was scrolling through TikTok (where else,

You'll Want to Try Everything from Starbucks' New Menu Items

There are two new drinks and three new cakes!
Greet the new month with the new items on the Starbucks menu, starting June 8. You have two new drinks, three new cakes, three new pastries, and a vegan-friendly pasta dish to look forward to!The two new drinks are the Chocolate Choux Cream

This Is Not a Drill: Omotesando Koffee Is Opening in Manila

The famous Japanese coffee spot is coming to our shores!
True-blue coffeeheads would know you can get some of the best cups of joe at Japan's OMOTESANDO KOFFEE. If you miss traveling but are looking to get the OMOTESANDO KOFFEE experience, we've got good news: we've gotten word that the coffee spot

% Arabica Is Bringing Back Their Aesthetic Bottled Coffee Drinks

You're only a twist of a bottle away from enjoying their coffee anytime!
If you're a caffeine junkie who can't live without sipping on at least one cup of joe a day, but have to attend to 52391803+ other responsibilities in life, then you'll know that bottled coffee is a godsend. What better way to

8 Local Shops Where You Can Buy Aesthetic, Ready-to-Drink Coffee

These bottled coffee drinks can all be delivered right to your doorstep—no more boiling water or eye-balling proportions!
Ah, coffee. It's a magic liquid that turns frowns to smiles, and paints people into a better mood. A freshly brewed cup of joe definitely makes the day brighter and a lot more tolerable, if you ask me. But with a long

3 Easy Coffee Recipes to Try If Dalgona’s Too Much Work for You

These won’t feel like an arm workout, promise!
Among the unexpected things brought about by the government’s stay-at-home order is the Dalgona Iced Coffee, a beverage craze that levels up your instant coffee experience. We talked about it, we tried it, and we loved it. But if there's one thing

Love McDonald's Iced Coffee? It's Now Available in Chocolate Flavor!

If you're in need of a chocolate-infused caffeine fix.
McDonald’s just made our iced coffee cravings a whole lot sweeter!Last Friday, the fast food chain just introduced a new Chocolate flavor to their McCafe Iced Coffee series, which currently also includes their Original and Vanilla selections. As per their social media posts,

FYI, Coco Now Sells Iced Coffee Drinks

Not in the mood for milk tea?
There's now another reason why people will be standing in line for Coco: their new iced coffee drinks. The brand made the announcement last Friday, December 6, and yes, one of them comes with pearls! You can enjoy the following flavors: Coco

7 Iced Coffee Recipes to Whip Up This Summer

Your favorite barista's frappe can't match these.
For some odd reason, summer makes everyone insanely creative. We do everything in our power to stay comfy, fresh, and stylish in spite of the heat, and hack our way to keeping ourselves sane.One summer switch we're currently enjoying is pretty simple: