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This Butter Ball-Flavored Ice Cream Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

It'll be available starting October 15!
The Lost Bread is on a roll with their '90s candy-flavored offerings. You've heard of their Chocnut and Haw Haw soft-serves, now get ready for butter ball ice cream! Collaborating with Peter's Butter Ball Candy itself, the dessert shop hopes to remind you of the

This Choc Nut Ice Cream Will Relive Your Childhood's Happy Memories

It's available this June for a limited time only!
We may have entered the rainy season, but the summer heat’s clearly outdoing its stay. Cool off by kickin’ it old school with Choc Nut as the famous candy bar partners up with The Lost Bread to bring us the soft-served, Choc Nut-flavored

Alexender Wang and Bella Hadid Were Cute Together in Cannes

The chemistry was real.
Alexander Wang and Bella Hadid’s casual and candid conversation about their newest “Take Pleasure Seriously” campaign with ice cream authority Magnum in Cannes won us over. The genuine affection between the two was fresh, and their youthful spirit, infectious. It was a

10 Places in Manila With Decadent Soft-Serve Ice Cream

So good.
Soft-serve ice cream can be found pretty much anywhere. But for days when you just want to treat yourself (because you deserve it), why not spend a little extra on some gourmet softees? We found some new versions that are worth trying out.Cow

12 Unique Treats to Cool Yourself Down With This Summer

Escape the heat with these treats!
Feeling the scorching summer heat yet? We're sure you're not just itching to hit the beach or to get out of the country. You're also craving for something cool and sweet. After all, it's the season for halo-halo, right? But as the temperature

We Found the Most Beautiful Ice Cream Cakes on Instagram

Introducing the Australian dessert patisserie, Nectar and Stone.
Macarons, ice cream cones, and rose bouquets have already been posted again and again on Instagram, but when we stumbled upon this rosette ice cream concoction by designer desserts @nectarandstone, we couldn't help but be left with awe.IMAGE INSTAGRAM/nectarandstoneThese ice cream cake cones

3 Ice Cream Sandwiches that Taste as Good as They Look

What diet?
When we hear ice cream sandwiches, you’re probably thinking of the monay version we see on the streets. Sorbet pressed in between hot buns, what’s not to love? But as Instagram foodies came to be, desserts don’t just have to be delicious,

A Museum of Ice Cream Finally Exists and It's a Dream Come True

You can swim in a pool of sprinkles!
I scream, you scream, we all scream for…yup, you guessed it! And because dreams do come true, it’s finally happening—The Museum of Ice Cream is opening real soon, and the little girl in us can’t help but jump for joy.For one month,

10 Cool Dishes and Desserts That You Should Totally Snapchat

Food porn is moving on to motion picture.
We are at the tipping point. It's no longer enough for restaurants to arrange art on plates (hey, remember when all people had to do was cook really good food regardless of how it looked?). Inner beauty is hardly enough nowadays—at least

Aryanna Epperson is Mad About Ice Cream and Here's Proof!

We can’t get enough of #AryannasTravelingIceCream!
I have literally never met anyone who didn’t like ice cream. To say that it’s everybody’s comfort food would be an understatement—and, well, this is especially true for Aryanna Epperson. The up-and-coming It girl does not simply enjoy a scoop or two.

Georgina Wilson, Kelsey Merritt and More at the Magnum White Party

From socialites to ex-PBB housemates, see who came to celebrate as Magnum launched its new nutty flavor.
Last night, Manila’s bright young socials gathered together to celebrate the launch of Magnum’s new nutty flavor. White was the theme of the evening, mimicking the creamy chocolate shell of the white almond paddle pop that guests enjoyed all night long.Introducing Magnum

Our 7 Fave Eats at Family Mart

Raise your cones if you've got a soft serve addiction!
Thinking of what to have for merienda? Stop stressing yourself and just head to the nearest convenience store. Our current go-to is the newly-opened Family Mart right across our building. They’ve got green tea and black sesame soft serve which you can

SB KITCHEN: High Street Food

Recipes for quail eggs with artisanal salt, beer-battered crispy kangkong and a coco-ube ice cream sandwich.
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK - The ice cream sandwich as we Filipinos know it - peddled on the street, between hamburger buns - has finally caught on overseas. At Thai restaurant Pok Pok (I know, right), scoops of coconut-jackfruit ice cream are plopped on a

Here's A Calorie-free Way To Satisfy Ice Cream Craving

How so? Read on to find out.
Yesterday, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, Baskin Robbins, was officially introduced to Filipinos. For those who haven’t heard of the brand, Baskin Robbins is known all over the world for their 31 mouth-watering flavors (1 for each day

Who Has Hypersensitive Teeth Like Luis Manzano?

We know a lot of you can relate. Read on!
Truth is, he’s got a horrible sweet tooth, and the actor told me he could eat EIGHT Cornetto cones in one sitting. Eight. That’s like a skinny girl’s yearlong supply of frozen treats.But despite his addiction to ice cream (cookies and cream

Work Wear Diaries: Georgina Wilson

Take style notes from a day in the life of Häagen-Dazs' new brand ambassador.
What’s a day in the life of Georgina Wilson like? Well, if you don’t follow her every move on Twitter like many of us, you should know that this multi-hyphenate’s work schedule is packed with pretty amazing things. One day she’s interviewing