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Pepero Ice Cream Now Exists And It Only Costs P39

Your favorite snack is now a dessert!
Lotte's Pepero comes in different flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, White Cookie, Cream Cheese, Double Dip Yogurt, and Sweet Potato. If we're talking about popular Pepero flavors, (arguably, the best one) nothing beats the Almond-flavored Pepero. The biscuit sticks are coated with chocolate

We're Drooling Over Ferrero Rocher's New Ice Cream Sticks

It's available in three flavors!
Ferrero, the company behind the popular Ferrero Rocher, has announced that it will be releasing its first-ever ice cream stick. It will be available in three different flavors: Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Rocher Dark, and Rafaello.Ferrero has turned their chocolate into ice cream by

These Fruity Frozen Yakult Desserts Are What You Need This Summer

Check out all the delicious flavors below.
Summer is just around the corner and Sebastian's Ice Cream's latest frozen desserts are here to make the long hot days more bearable. The Fruity Froya series was made available yesterday March 1, and the yogurt-like tart flavors are a great match

We Finally Discovered Where to Order Mouthwatering Ice Cream Sandwiches

They come in a variety of cool flavors, too!
Who doesn’t love ice cream sandwiches? They’re compact, easy to consume, and are absolute treats for your sweet tooth. Take Louie-Luis’ scrumptious version, for example. But if you think this is just some ordinary ice cream smashed between two crispy chocolate wafer pieces,

Buffalo Wings-Flavored Ice Cream Exists, and Here's Where You Can Buy It

Adding this to the list of things we didn't know we needed in our lives.
Unusual ice cream flavors are nothing new to us. Over the years, we've discovered soft-serve versions of Yakult, Indomie, Haw Haw, Chocnut, and even milk tea, but the latest one we spotted will blow your mind (and quite possibly your tastebuds). Introducing:

This Ice Cream Flavor Is Perfect for Serious Coffee Lovers

It's made in collaboration with Yardstick Coffee!
Beyond chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, coffee ranks pretty high on the list of ice-cream flavors that never fail—after all, coffee goes beautifully with dairy, most especially when it's scoopable and creamy. We've got good news for you coffeeheads: local brand Kurimu has

Time to Chill: The Unconventional Ice Cream Flavors to Try Today

From banana cue to soy sauce caramel!
There's certainly nothing wrong with a well-made scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. But sometimes, you just need something a little more out of left field. If you're willing to step out of your comfort zone, you'll be happy to know

Kumori's Signature Cheese Tart Is Now Available in Gelato Version

They collaborated with Manila Creamery!
Japanese bakery Kumori has always taken pride in their oh-so rich and delectable Signature Cheese Tarts. That said, it looks like they’re taking things up a notch and reinventing their classic treat with Manila Creamery. It's the collaboration we didn’t know we

Cookie-Butter Fans, We Know Where You Can Get Biscoff Ice Cream

Imagine speculoos in a frozen, creamy form!
There are cookies, and then there are Lotus Biscoff cookies—the famous brand of the traditional spiced European cookies known as speculoos. And while it's good in their original biscuit form or turned into cookie butter, here's an even better way to have

12 of the Best Ice Cream Shops That Deliver in Manila

Order a pint or a gallon when you need to chill out!
Take this as your daily reminder to chill. Normally, some breathing exercises and ambient music would be the answer to a little stress, but if you just can't shake off the jitters today, we recommend a thick, luscious tub of ice cream.

Chocoholics, You're Gonna Love This New Champorado Ice Cream

It's a collaboration between Hapag, The Lost Bread, and Auro Chocolate!
Who doesn't find comfort in cozying up to a warm bowl of champorado, especially on a rainy day? There's just something about the way chocolate and rice come together that makes for a whole that's more than the sum of its parts.

Soy Sauce in Ice Cream? This Flavor Is Actually Surprisingly Good!

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it!
When you think of shoyu—the Japanese word for soy sauce—you probably think of ramen or other savory Japanese dishes. But there's more to the classic condiment than just using it for main meals; its deep, umami flavor also works wonders in the

This Ice Cream-Filled Matcha Taiyaki Is the Treat You Deserve

You can get it delivered, too!
Nothing beats cooling off with a cool, creamy popsicle on a hot afternoon. You've probably had chocolate or vanilla bars, but what about a fish-shaped bar filled with ice cream with the earthy flavor of matcha and red beans? Here's where you