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Here's How You Can Make Yakult Ice Cream With Only 2 Ingredients

BRB, trying this recipe ASAP!
The Yakult craze is on! People have been creating special concoctions using the yogurt drink as a base, like Soju-Yakult (a classic combo) and Yakult shake. These experiments could be one of the reasons this yogurt drink is almost always sold out

You Only Need 4 Ingredients to Make Homemade Ice Cream

No special equipment needed; just a mason jar!
You’ve probably been baking a ton, but why not try a cooler dessert this time around—like ice cream? Even if you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can totally make it at home using this recipe from The New York Times

Strawberry Banana "Nice Cream" Exists and Here's How to Make It

It's the perfect summer treat!
Let’s face it: It’s the middle of summer and suggestions on ways to keep cool are definitely welcome. That said, what started as research for a recipe to utilize overripe bananas became a portal into the wonderful world of “nice” cream.Nice cream,