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Yup, Melona Ice Cream Pints Actually Exist!

Sometimes, a popsicle isn't enough.
You can always find Binggrae's Melona ice cream when you pay a visit to your neighborhood Korean supermarkets. You can also find it in local supermarkets and convenience stores, and even in K-barbecue restaurants. This Korean ice cream comes in different flavors

13 Underrated Shops to Try for Your Next Ice Cream Craving

How about trying flavors like Muscovado + Bacon or Soy Sauce Kasuy?
You probably already have your go-to ice cream spots by now, but it's always a good thing to try something new. Who knows, you might also be missing out on other under-the-radar shops with their own great versions of the dessert. Go

This Ice Cream Flavor Is Perfect for Serious Coffee Lovers

It's made in collaboration with Yardstick Coffee!
Beyond chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry, coffee ranks pretty high on the list of ice-cream flavors that never fail—after all, coffee goes beautifully with dairy, most especially when it's scoopable and creamy. We've got good news for you coffeeheads: local brand Kurimu has

This Local Artisanal Ice Cream Shop Will Instantly Transport You to Japan

Graphic designer Mia De Lara creates unique ice cream flavors that will bring back your fondest memories of Japan.
Being cooped up in our own homes have taken different tolls on us. Some have been becoming chefs in their own kitchens while others have learned to become power nesters—always on top of the latest aesthetic home decor trends. But as I

Here's How You Can Make Yakult Ice Cream With Only 2 Ingredients

BRB, trying this recipe ASAP!
The Yakult craze is on! People have been creating special concoctions using the yogurt drink as a base, like Soju-Yakult (a classic combo) and Yakult shake. These experiments could be one of the reasons this yogurt drink is almost always sold out

Strawberry Banana "Nice Cream" Exists and Here's How to Make It

It's the perfect summer treat!
Let’s face it: It’s the middle of summer and suggestions on ways to keep cool are definitely welcome. That said, what started as research for a recipe to utilize overripe bananas became a portal into the wonderful world of “nice” cream.Nice cream,

The Lost Bread Now Has Root Beer-Flavored Ice Cream and We Can't Wait to Try

It's even topped with chocolate syrup!
The Lost Bread’s at it again! Appealing to our nostalgic taste buds, the ice cream parlor’s consistently transforming our favorite childhood treats into delectable desserts. This time around, they’re taking the classic Mug Root Beer drink for a spin, turning it into a soft-serve

FYI, a Netflix & Chill-Inspired Ice Cream Actually Exists

Peanut butter fans, you should get your hands on this.
Binge-watching or catching up with your favorite movies and tv series on Netflix just doesn't feel complete without snacks. But what if we tell you there's Netflix-inspired ice cream? Meet Ben & Jerry's new Netflix & Chill'd ice cream.Ben & Jerry's Netflix

These Ice Cream Flavors Are Meant for Single People This Valentine's Day

Who wants Matinong Boyfriend, Matinong Girlfriend, Closure, or Unresolved Issues?
As Valentine’s Day rounds the corner for all our lovesick friends to consume every product seemingly catered for couples this February, we’re reminded once again of how single we are (which isn’t a bad thing, mind you!). That said, our dear lonesomes