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6 K-Dramas to Watch if You Love Korean Actor Hwang In Youp

Need more Hwang In Youp in your life?
We all know Hwang In Youp best for his scene-stealing portrayal of Han Seo-jun in True Beauty. But before the romance series catapulted In Youp’s name to fame, this rising heartthrob and BYS ambassador first built his career starring in two web

K-Drama Actor Hwang In Youp Fondly Recalls Memories from When He Lived in Davao City

"I really miss my friends who always treated me with a warm and friendly heart even though I was a foreigner," shared the Korean actor.
Before he became famous, Korean heartthrob Hwang In Youp actually lived in the Philippines to study. The new ambassador of BYS Philippines Skin revealed this in a pre-taped interview sent by the beauty brand to (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on September 30.He

OMG! Hwang In Youp Is the Newest Face of BYS Philippines

He's the face of their "Uncover True Beauty" campaign, which couldn't be any more fitting!
Since his breakout role as Han Seo-jun in True Beauty, we've been endlessly intrigued about the beauty secrets Hwang In Youp possibly had under his sleeve IRL. His skin's effortless glow alone was hard not to notice through our screens, not to mention

10 Things You Need to Know About K-Drama Actor Hwang In Youp

Here's everything you need to know about the "True Beauty" actor.
If you’re currently following True Beauty, then chances are the second lead, Han Seo-jun, a.k.a. your resident bad boy with a heart, has already caught your eye. If so, we bet you’re definitely itching to know everything there is about actor Hwang