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How to Pack Your Beauty Essentials When Traveling

Travel smarter with these hacks!
When it comes to the subject of traveling—be it for a couple of days, weeks, or more—packing always proves to be a challenge. Even if you've already aced how to neatly pack your outfits, mastering the art of packing your beauty needs

How a Stylish Girl Packs for an Instagram-Ready Vacation

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Confession: I devote an entire day to packing, especially if it’s a vacation with my husband and children. When it’s just me, I spend the entire evening, even until wee hours of the morning, packing for my trip. I always give myself

The 25 Key Pieces You Need for a Stylish Summer

These are everything you'll ever need this season!
Summer is officially here! And with that in mind, we're quite sure you've already planned out a couple of getaways with family and friends. As you pack your overnight bags, be sure you have all your summer essentials in one bag! And

3 No-fail Packing Tricks Of Seasoned Jetsetters

Prevent leaks and spills with a few of these tips.
Packing is a pain, ask anyone with limited luggage space. But before you resign yourself to leaking bottles and broken compacts, check out a few of our packing tips to help you get the most out of your space. Click on the