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8 Styling Tips for Guys Who Want to Look Taller

Try making these adjustments to your wardrobe.
Height is something most men worry about. Unfortunately, it's also one of the few things you can't really change. That said, you can at least try to cheat your way to look taller through some styling tricks. Forget the height insoles and

12 Simple Yet Clever Ways You Can Dress to Look Taller

Look statuesque with these easy styling tricks.
If you find yourself needing a little height boost without the help (and let's face it, the pain) of wearing heels, then you've come to the right place! Consider this your cheat sheet to adding inches to your height. Here are 12

10 Things Petite Girls Need in Their Closet

Everyone needs a boost once in a while.
There's nothing worse than clothes that don't flatter your body, and this is especially true for petite girls. Perpetually looking at the kids' section and always in need of a good tailor (there's nothing like chopping off a few inches off your

3 Runway-Approved Ways to Look Taller

Extra inches, stat!
Not all of us were born with the rather elusive gift of height, but the Spring/Summer 2017 trend report is here to assure you that yes, there are ways to fake it 'til you make it. Below, three cheats the petite can

10 Celebrity Tricks to Look Taller Than You Really Are

Learn the secrets of Kathryn Bernardo and Emma Roberts.
When it comes to petite girl dressing, no one does it quite as well as style icons Kathryn Bernardo and Emma Roberts. In fact, these two know how to serve up a super stylish outfit every single time without ever having to worry about their

15 Celebs' Tricks for Looking Tall

Score tips from these petite women.
Did you know that Lady Gaga is actually only 5’1” tall? Yup, she’s part of the all-star petite club and we bet you didn’t even notice. Filipinas are naturally petite, but one thing we’ve learned from these celebrities is that it’s all

#petitegirlproblems: How To Look Taller

Get an instant increase in height with just a few fashion tricks.
Being short was never the issue, but I’m sure all petite girls can relate when I say that there are those days when you just wish you were taller. Admit it, it happens. Open field concerts, your 6-foot-tall basketball player crush trying