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Here’s Where You Can Get Your Sneakers Cleaned in Manila

Say bye-bye to dirty kicks!
Ever since the rise of athleisure, sneakers everywhere have been dusted off their respective shelves and put into regular rotation. No longer are they heralded as clear indicators of whether or not you’re a tourist in a foreign land. Nowadays sneakers are

How to Clean Your Shoes on Rainy Days, Depending on the Material

Don't let the rain ruin your favorite pair.
Wearing a soaking wet pair of shoes is never a good feeling, so it's understandable if you'd want to take yours off ASAP. But before you carelessly leave your shoes outside, know that not properly cleaning and drying your wet footwear can permanently damage its color and

WATCH: How to Keep Your White Sneakers White

Tips straight from a certified sneakerhead.
You can’t call yourself a sneakerhead if you can last for months seeing your kicks all dirty and smelly. More so, if we’re talking about your precious white kicks. While there’s nothing we can do about what pavement we walk on, keeping