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Rajo Laurel Made These Jawdropping Looks for RuPaul's DragCon 2019

You HAVE to see these.
Showstopping—there's no other word to best describe House of Laurel's crazily intricate creations for fabulous Filipino drag queen Bombalicious Eklaver at RuPaul's DragCon 2019 in New York. And the pair of ensembles certainly had jaws hitting the floor!Here, we pause for a

Rajo Laurel's New Collections Will Make Your Summer Fun and Breezy

It's impossible to choose a favorite!
Rajo Laurel recently launched his Spring 2019 collection entitled 1990. His new offerings for his fashion lines, Rajo! and House of Laurel, are united under the same theme, which the local designer has translated into easy pieces reminiscent of '90s minimalist silhouettes.But as Rajo rides

Rajo Laurel's New Collection Features Ultra Comfortable Workwear

Take a peek at the celebrated Filipino designer's Cruise 2017 collection here.
Taking its cue from the word “alchemy,” or the transformation of ordinary metals into precious elements, Rajo Laurel’s Cruise/Transition 2017 collection Alchemie transcends the idea of workwear's calculated definition, refining it with the unrestricted flow of the Rajo Laurel aesthetic that the

Rajo Laurel’s 38th Collection Makes Us Want to Book that Holiday, Stat!

Hawaii, here we come!
Rajo Laurel’s 38th collection—simply called “38”—takes inspiration from his recent adventures in Hawaii and the Amalfi Coast where the spectacular horizon takes one’s breath away, pristine beaches dazzle, and lush foliage are abundant. With proportions that prompt fluid movement, the collection instantly

Easy Breezy Pieces to Combat the Summer Heat

We’re bracing for the effects of El Niño.
With summer approaching—and the El Niño phenomenon still looming over our tropical shores—we’re on the lookout for cooler sartorial options because the dripping-in-sweat look is not something we're particularly into. While our cropped tops and hubadera outfits are reserved for the steady

SEE: Rajo Laurel’s Complete Holiday 2015 Lookbook

It’s a tribute to his grandmother, Beatriz.
This season, Rajo Laurel is releasing one of his most personal collections, yet. The namesake line is a tribute to his grandmother, Beatriz Laurel, whose elegance greatly influenced his aesthetic and led him to becoming the designer that he is today.Expect a

Ruffa Gutierrez And Kids Launch Love 2 Collection

We spotted #ZiontheYoungLion and #TheBelle showing support for Lorin and Venice Bektas.
Following the success of the first LOVE Collection back in 2012, Rajo Laurel once again teamed up with young muses Lorin and Venice Bektas for a second collab where he let the tweens’ imagination run free.The LOVE 2 Collection played around the

Let Rajo Laurel Show You Where To Score The Best Furniture

The secret is mixing high and low end pieces when creating that personal look.
Frustrated minimalist Rajo Laurel believes that light is a key factor in creating a good workspace. Everything starts from it so he specially designed his studio to let the light pass through. For the second part of our new series, Style Bible

House Of Laurel: Untitld

Rajo Laurel throws in fresh elements into his latest collection.
Filipino designer, Rajo Laurel, is at it again—he recently released his Transition 2013 collection calledUNTITLD that features new, refreshing silhouettes and fabrics that have that element of surprise. UNTITLD pays homage to Austrian American designer, Rudi Gernreich, and was inspired by photographer and model, Jo Ann Bitagcol. Rajo's

House Of Laurel Spring/summer 2013: Mali

House of Laurel’s latest collection takes you back to the seventies.
We adore this time of the year for a number of reasons: outdoor activities, barbecue fetes, fun soirees, and the overall relatively relaxed atmosphere. That said, we like to indulge in daydreaming about our own blue-sky holiday wearing House of Laurel’s Spring/Summer

Rajo Laurel: Spock And Savile

Rajo's latest takes cues from sci-fi's favorite half-Vulcan and legendary English tailoring.
Splay those fingers in the Spock Salute and put 'em up. Rajo Laurel's latest collection imagines the Star Trek character as a discerning client on Britain's legendary home of fine suits, Savile Row.Taking a "vintage" stance on redefining futuristic dressing, Rajo has

Rajo Laurel: Athletenique

Hit a style home run in his sportswear-inspired collection for summer 2012.
"Fitness is fashion!" tweets Rajo Laurel every so often when he's off to his workout sessions, to motivate himself and his followers in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, fitness has never been hotter in the fashion world—in the sartorial manner,

Rajo Laurel: Androgyny

His most personal collection yet, done with the influence of Yohji Yamamoto.
In the manner of Yohji Yamamoto and his iconic Japanese avant-garde stylings, Rajo Laurel delivers his most personal collection yet. Called Androgyny, Rajo says this latest outing is a tribute to the "amazing designer"and is a "recollection of how I would dress


Rajo Laurel dresses up men in this season's hottest styles.
It's no secret that a lot of Filipinas seek Rajo Laurel's design expertise when they want to look gorgeous and chic. Many men, too, have looked dapper courtesy of Rajo's made-to-order services at House of Laurel and ready-to-wear collaboration with Wharton.This summer,

Work Wear Diaries: House Of Laurel

House of Laurel welcomes Style Bible into their fashionable home.
Home, indeed, is where the heart is. It was, to say the least, the ambience one feels the moment she steps into the House of Laurel. Only, it is not quite a residence but a shop that the Laurel family runs.House of

Ooh That Rajo Dress!

See the dress the It girls have picked up!
It looks like Rajo Laurel’s made a dress that has the town’s stylish gals wanting. We’ve spotted his figure-flattering, graphic bodycon number on a few women whose styles we love to follow. Knowing that he only makes a limited number of pieces

Rajo Laurel Holiday 2010: Kaleidoscope

Pop art influences for a cheerful Christmastime wardrobe!
Rajo Laurel's latest offering is a very cheery one, aptly echoing not just his buoyant disposition, but the joyful verve of the holiday season, too. Inspired by the liveliness of pop art, Kaleidoscope is a playful sartorial spectrum of day and cocktail

Designer Spotlight: Rajo Laurel

House of Laurel presents La Latina, its latest summer collection.
House of Laurel recently unveiled its latest summer collection for 2010 in an afternoon party in Rajo Laurel's studio-slash-store in Poblacion, Makati. Entitled La Latina, this new collection is inspired by Rajo's upcoming trip to South America.“I have been dreaming about visiting