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9 Easy OOTD Ideas For Wearing Pants to Your Christmas Parties

You don't always need a dress to look dressed up!
Fact: Not everyone is a fan of wearing dresses or skirts. And, if you happen to relate, here are nine ways you can live in your cozy pants for all your holiday parties ahead—while still looking dressy.Repurpose the suit by mixing and matching the separates with the

How to Look Good at All Your Last-Minute Christmas Parties

Christmas dinners included.
The scenario: While plowing through a slow day at the office, you suddenly remember that Christmas dinner you promised you'd attend. Chances are there's no time to go back home for a quick change, so you have no choice but to head

Your Guide to Surviving the Worst Hangover of Your Life

Because it's wine o'clock again.
Snap out of that holidaze. Like, now. ’Tis the season of parties, and of perseverance. Here are a few hacks to get you through a holiday party-induced hangover.ON THE NIGHT OF THE PARTY:IMAGE Liam Andrew Cura1. Drink collagen.Alcohol affects skin’s elasticity, just

Here's an Easy Table Setup for Your Last-Minute Parties

Impress your guests.
This is a holiday scenario that is all too familiar to me. While most Christmas parties are usually planned weeks or months in advance, there are impromptu get-togethers that still end up happening in our home. This is by no way a