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Here's Your Complete Guide to Holiday Beauty Shopping at Rustan's

Shop your holiday goodies with ease!
Holiday shopping this year will be a little different than we're used to, but it's definitely not canceled. If anything, getting gifts for everyone on your list is easier than ever, because you can do most of your shopping from the comfort

10 Affordable Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas to Give This Holiday Season

You're helping the environment and supporting local businesses, too!
In recent months, we’ve seen people push for more sustainable ways to reduce waste in the country, and the upcoming holiday season should not be any different. There are a number of ways to lessen your ecological footprint this Christmas, and what

8 Stylish Food Gifts You Don’t Need to Wrap

This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that are not only thoughtful but also beautiful.
The Christmas season is fast approaching. As you anticipate the time you’ll get to spend with your loved ones, you're probably also stressing out over the perfect gifts to give them without resorting to the cliché options.No need to stress—we’ve rounded up

16 Gender-Neutral Holiday Gift Ideas for Secret Santa

These are gifts ANYONE will love!
Don't let gift shopping for your Secret Santa stress you out. Get a head start at buying your presents now with the help of our curated list—below, we've listed non-gendered items you can easily give to just about anyone you picked out

15 Stylish Pieces to Splurge on This Holiday Season

Spoil yourself a little!
The season of giving isn't just about spoiling your loved ones—it could also mean splurging on yourself! You deserve it, anyway. Below, we've curated stylish pieces that you'll love to treat yourself with for the holidays. Shop away!The Softshot 21, P18,557, MARC

30 Fashionable Holiday Gift Ideas Below P500

Giving doesn't have to break the bank.
The holidays are fast approaching and if you're already in the mood for gifting season, here are some stylish suggestions can buy for your equally stylish friends. Trust us, these won't burn a deep hole in your pockets —everything on this list

8 Fashion Gift Splurges You'll Want to Keep for Yourself

We want them all!
The holidays are the perfect time to be extra generous. So if you're feeling extra kind, here are designer items your stylish friends will love and appreciate. If you're gifting these to yourself, worry not. You truly deserve your next designer purchase!

13 Holiday Gift Ideas Under P500 for Your Beauty-Obsessed Friends

Things they never thought they wanted.
Instead of splurging for your Christmas gifts this year, make it a more meaningful present by putting in a lot of thought as to what you're giving. Our suggestion? Think about what your recipients need but won't typically buy for themselves. If

15 Holiday Gift Ideas Under P1000 for Your Fashionable Friends

Happy shopping!
Feeling a little generous but still not quite sure what to buy your fashion-forward friends for Christmas? We got you covered! Here's a list of all things stylish that you can gift your friends this holiday season. Scroll down and start shopping.IMAGE

10 Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Under P500

Give trinkets for every fashion girl in your squad!
It's that time of the year again! After completing your naughty and nice list, it's time ti start shopping for presents, stat. But you don't have to empty your bank account just to give gifts to everyone you love. Below are gift

18 Punny Gift Ideas for the Beauty Junkie

If you're not funny, then maybe your gift should be.
We all have friends who appreciate the grand cocktail of wits and humor involved in the making of a pun. If ever you're running low on gift ideas, here, we round up some beauty products that your witty friends will surely appreciate

9 Re-gifting Rules Every Person Should Live By

Here's how to avoid a major holiday faux pas.
We've all re-gifted presents and therefore it shouldn't be frowned upon. But do note that it has to be done tastefully. To help you with that, here are a few rules to avoid a major holiday faux pas.  1. Only re-gift the nice

Holiday Gift Guide for the Ultimate Christmas Splurges

A little bling never hurt nobody.
Think you've been awfully good this year? Why not reward yourself for all the things you've put up with by putting your 13th month salary right where you can see it? Go ahead, indulge yourself and splurge on these sweet Christmas treats

Holiday Gift Guide for the Beauty Junkie

Santa honey, a pretty pink lippie, please!
You know her as the girl with clear, seemingly poreless skin who knows how to perfectly flick a winged eye with just one swipe. Her lipstick collection is something you love to raid whenever she invites you to come over at her

Holiday Gift Guide for the Chic Homebody

For the posh stay-at-home chick.
We all have that one friend who’d rather spend the night in her Makati condo than head out for a round of drinks on a Friday night. And why wouldn’t she if her bachelorette pad looks as posh as the ones you

Practical Christmas Gifts To Give Yourself

Indulge yourself without having to feel guilty afterwards.
Spreading the love may be the season’s motto, but that shouldn’t mean you ought to cut back on spoiling yourself. After giving you countless of gift ideas to give your loved ones, it’s time we reward ourselves for our year-long effort of

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P2000 And Up

You can't put a ceiling price on love.
Shallow as it may sound, we love receiving fancy gifts. It makes us feel like we could sip tea with our pinkie fingers pointed up all day long. But another feeling that’s just as good is being able to give swanky gifts

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P1500 To P2000

This Christmas, be a fairy godmother bearing gifts for the beauty junkies.
Beauty addict or not, with looser purse strings, there is so much you can give away from the beauty department this Yuletide season. Be the beauty fairy godmother to your family and friends by giving them presents that they can really use.

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide: P1000 To P1500

Now it's time to stretch the budget a little more.
A little extra hundreds never hurt especially in this season of giving. That said, we’re adding an extra P500 to yesterdays’ budget of beauty and fashion treats to share with those dearest to you. For today’s serving of gifts that would help