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10 Stylish Holiday Gift Ideas Under P500

Give trinkets for every fashion girl in your squad!
It's that time of the year again! After completing your naughty and nice list, it's time ti start shopping for presents, stat. But you don't have to empty your bank account just to give gifts to everyone you love. Below are gift

Here's a One-Stop Shop Where You Can Get All Your Holiday OOTDs

It has the season's biggest trends and more!
Going shopping before the holidays could be a real feat for a busybody. Which is why, if you want to upgrade your wardrobe before the rush, we suggest you do so in advance! Better yet, run someplace that knows holiday fashion, to

PhFW Holiday 2017: Amir Sali's Genesis: In the Beginning

See all the looks here.
Wrapping up this season's Philippine Fashion Week, Amir Sali's Holiday 2017 presentation takes us back to where it all began. The designer draws inspiration from the Book of Genesis, or the beginning of life as we know it, and creates a marriage between

PhFW Holiday 2017: Jerome Salaya Ang's Glitch

Feast your eyes on this decadent collection.
Jerome Salaya Ang is no stranger to drama, as this collection clearly suggests. This time around he's making use of shine to add that luxurious touch. Cracked foil leather metallic jersey, sequined fabric, and leatherette make up his current collection, lending an

PhFW Holiday 2017: Mixy Dy's Ode to the Geode

Where geology meets female empowerment.
Mixy Dy opens the season by challenging the meaning of power dressing. In Ode to the Geode, the empowered woman is not defined by her pantsuits. Instead, the designer proves the power of a striking print for speaking volumes for edge, strength,

The Mariah Carey and MAC Collab Is Gorgeously Glittery

Baby, all I want for Christmas is...
Diva songstress Mariah Carey is known for several things: her impossibly powerful voice, that bombshell (at 46!) figure, and sparkle. Lots of sparkle. Which is why her second collaboration with MAC delivers on every level. Just look at all that silver glitter,