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7 of the World's Most Famous Cursed Jewels

Unfortunate circumstances have plagued the owners of these valuable stones.
The Washington Post used the adjective "hellish" to describe the depths of where the infamous Hope Diamond was spawned. If it were any other gem, these terms might not have been used attributed to a precious stone, but given the trail of misfortune

5 Local Historical Spots to Visit This National History Month

Book a staycation and study history while you're at it.
August is National History Month, and Agoda's got a neat idea: Why not have a staycation and snag a cool, on-site history lesson all in one go? If you're planning that field trip back in time already, here are five iconic places to

WATCH: The History of High Heels

It was once a status symbol.
You should know it by now: a fashion girl’s got to have her high heels. There’s just something about wearing a well-crafted pair that when worn, uplifts a woman (and her buttocks, too.) But where did it all start? Why do we