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The Irony of Hipster Fashion

It's changing the luxury fashion game.
Hipster. It’s a loaded term that we really don’t have an exact definition for. We usually associate it with words like indie, underground, or unique. But for the sake of this article, let’s agree on this description: social deviants. Hipsters are those

20 Times Barbie Beat You at Instagram

And pretty much at life, too.
Forget Malibu and downtown LA, Barbie is taking over the Pacific North West with her new IG account @socalitybarbie. Trading her bubble gum pink heels, frilly dresses, and purple eyeshadow for hiking boots, parkas, and a Herschel backpack, she opts to live,

10 Signs You're The Hipster In Your Family

Your self-confidence is through the roof, even if your sister is Beyonce.
It’s a hard knock life for a hipster. Your siblings tease you, saying you’re too cool. Your parents think you still haven’t outgrown your emo high school days. (Just because you wear plaid and flannel, jeez!) And all the people you match

Be A Hipster-knicker Knacker

Time to own a pair of the hippie variety.
Say what? Simply put, your low-rise jeans, skirts, and shorts all need a particular pair of undies for it to work. The low-rise cut hangs just right on your hip bone making it the perfect undergarment because it won’t peek out of