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Sleep Under the Stars at This Sprawling Campsite Near Manila

You only have to hike for 15 minutes.
Stargazing can be tricky in Metro Manila. You have artificial lights trying to upstage the twinkling stars, not to mention the smog that covers our skies. Luckily, the foothills of Sierra Madre in Rizal are not too far for a weekend drive;

Here's Why Hiking Has Become the New Yoga

Even experts agree it's a powerful cardio workout.
Without a doubt, hiking is having its moment. While it has always been a known sport, the activity has been attracting the attention of new fans lately, the way yoga has been doing for years. Before you embark on a journey to

Lady Gaga Went Hiking and You Won't Believe What She Wore

Lady Gaga isn't exactly known for the word subtlety—just look at her dazzling selection of glittery stage outfits, for example. And she's proven herself yet again, you guys. Guess what she went hiking in!Yes, you'd better believe your eyes. Girl's got on

10 Beauty Essentials When Packing for Your Hiking Trip

Consider this your beauty survival kit.
When it comes to an activity such as hiking, you have to be extra vigilant with packing your bags. Hiking trails don't really have convenience stores you can run to when in a pinch. Therefore, you should always double-check if you have

How the It Girls (and Their Boys) Took Hiking to the Next Level

They’re surely setting the bar high.
We’re only on the fifth day of 2016, and already, the It girls along with their It boyfriends are making us green with envy. Converging in Argentina, the four couples (Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff, Belle Daza and Adrien Semblat, Georgina Wilson