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Your Ultimate Guide to Wearing Highlighter

Get your glow on!
When you see someone whose skin glows when it catches the light, it's either they have genuinely healthy skin or they used a really good highlighter. But more than owning one, it's also important that you know exactly how to use it.Highlighter, if

6 Things a Morena Needs for Glass Skin That Lasts All Day

How to wear shiny skin without a midday makeup meltdown.
When it comes to talking about skin in our three favorite words—glossy, dewy, glassy—K-beauty immediately comes to mind, which we're pretty much obsessed with. We're staunch believers that everybody deserves skin so smooth it reflects the face of who you're talking to.

LOTD: Mariel Padilla's Glowing "No-Makeup" Look Is So Easy to Cop

No, seriously!
When your skin has reached peak glow, light should bounce right off of it like a reflector. We know—that sounds totally impractical given our hot climes, but celebrity makeup artist Mark Qua would like to prove otherwise. Here's an ultra-dewy, "no-makeup" makeup

LOTD: Cop Elisse Joson's "Glass Skin" Using Only Two Products

Cop her glow!
With the abundance of highlighters on the market, cheating your way to glowing skin has become simpler than ever. One swipe on your cheeks is all takes! The rather challenging part is making that beam look real, like you're actually glowing from

Here's How to Apply Your Highlighter to Make It Look Natural

Like you're glowing from within.
On days when you want to keep it lowkey but still have that glow, cream highlighter is the way to go. Compared to a powder highlighter, a cream formula tends to blend easier into the skin and mimic its texture, hence making

LOTD: How to Achieve a Golden Glow That Flatters Morena Skin

It looks amazing in pictures!
More than using a good highlighter, achieving dewy skin depends on how well your skincare and makeup go together. Some products work better when paired with a certain ingredient or formula, so make it your beauty mission to find your own killer

LOTD: How to Cop Kisses Delavin's Natural-Looking Glow

Master the art of strobing.
It's about time everyone nails the strobing technique, which we swear is actually easy if you know these two things: (1) what exactly highlighting is for, and (2) how you should customize it according to your features. Highlighting is all about bringing the

How to Find the Most Flattering Highlighter for Your Skin Tone

Are you using the right one?
Despite our license to play around with any highlighter under the sun, we can't deny that some colors just look extra flattering on certain skin tones. Some shades and complexions actually go so well together that the right application makes product look

Here's a 5-Minute Makeup Hack to Achieve Glowing Skin

Makeup magic never lets us down.
Typically, it would take months before your new skin care routine shows you results. You have to wait at least a month to see a difference, and even longer to get a drastic transformation. It'll take time, but the results will definitely

LOTD: This Highlighting Technique Will Take Years Off Your Face

Youthful and glowy!
Highlighter is basically a face lift in a bottle, and it looks particularly stunning when applied on the right areas. In the look below, Iza Calzado gives us a perfect demo.Makeup artist Lala Flores enhanced the actress' naturally beautiful bone structure by

LOTD: This Trick Will Make You Look Better in Off-Shoulder Tops

Bare that shoulder with confidence.
With a bit of makeup magic, off-shoulder tops can look like a dream in photos! That's exactly what Kylie Verzosa's trick was in her photo below, and if you look closely, you'll definitely notice how big of a difference it makes.Cop a similar

The Best Way to Highlight, According to Your Face Shape

For that glowing, defined look!
The true essence of highlighting involves no fancy shimmer. In its purest form, the technique aims to lift our features from the center to create a more three-dimensional effect. And since our faces come in different shapes, achieving that look varies according

We Tried 10 Affordable Cream Highlighters and Here's What Happened

Whatever your skin tone, there's one for you!
The beauty world still isn't over highlighters—and with good reason! Glowing skin is practically timeless, which means finding yourself the perfect highlighter makes for a great investment. Luckily, it doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Drugstores have a big