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6 Unexpected Ways to Use Highlighter on Your Face

Did you know that you can use it for your DIY shimmer mist?
We're big fans of highlighter. It gives us a fresh, glowing complexion even if we barely had eight hours of sleep last night. This superstar makeup product, however, isn't just limited to the tops of our cheekbones. Below, we've compiled all the other

Here Are Fun Ways to Add Purple to Your Makeup Looks

It's a berry fun pop of color.
When it comes to creating makeup looks, most, if not all of us, feel safer using warm tones. Who can blame us? They're beginner-friendly and easy to mix and match. But with the new year fast approaching, why not try incorporating fun

FYI, Highlighter Face Mists Are a Thing Now

It's what you need to glow 24/7.
Today in glass skin news, meet a newcomer in the highlighter family: the highlighter face mists. These babies are like setting sprays that give the face an insane glow. Think of them as products that envelop the skin in even radiance—not just

Sue Ramirez Has the Perfect Highlighter Trick for Your Holiday Parties

For your strongest glow of the year!
The holiday season is the perfect excuse to wear all things shiny—makeup included! Think glitter, highlighter, and...did we mention glitter? So if you already have parties and get-togethers lined up, it's time to plan those beauty looks ahead. Check out this literal

Blackpink's Jennie Kim Is Obsessed with This Highlighter

She has the selfie to prove it!
If Blackpink's Jennie Kim approves of a highlighter, then we simply must try it. The K-pop star just posted her holiday pick on her IG stories, and even called it the prettiest one she's ever seen. Based on the pictures, though, we

How to Cop Katarina Rodriguez's Glowing Skin

Achieve the same glow as our newly crowned Miss World Philippines 2018.
Katarina Rodriguez was literally glowing at the Miss World Philippines 2018 beauty pageant. So if you're after a strong highlighting game, take your cue from this newly crowned beauty queen:Talk about an intense strobe! To achieve a cheek this blinding, you'll need to

Here's How to Apply Your Highlighter to Make It Look Natural

Like you're glowing from within.
On days when you want to keep it lowkey but still have that glow, cream highlighter is the way to go. Compared to a powder highlighter, a cream formula tends to blend easier into the skin and mimic its texture, hence making

6 Product Recipes That Will Give You Glowing Skin

Easy peasy.
We'd be glad to drink hyaluronic acid to achieve glowing skin in an instant, but that's just not how it works. Luckily, we have all these to quench our thirst for brightness and evenness.1. Illuminating Serum = 1 TeaspoonOne teaspoon of La

Here's How Nadine Lustre Likes to Apply Her Highlighter

She likes to get her glow on.
"Who doesn't like highlighters?" Nadine asks us with a smile. True enough, no girl in this millenium would ever put on a full face of makeup without a hint of shine. Luckily, her collab with BYS Cosmetics, Lustrous, has a great bronzer

How to Make Sure Your Highlighter Shows Up in Photos

So you can get your glow on.
In the realm of strobing, that killer cheekbone shimmer is key. It gives your face that razor sharp definition, plus elevates your skin from subtle shimmer to sparkling shine. For today's makeup tip, let LA-based makeup artist Patrick Ta school you on

Currently Trending: Rainbow Duochrome Highlighter

There are two things you should see from space: The Great Wall of China and your highlighter.
Rainbows and holograms are no longer simply reminiscent of the '80s: Duochrome makeup is taking them to another level and era. The two-toned, prismatic look can be subtle yet captivating, with iridescence playing with light and perception. Versatility is also what makes

How to Find the Most Flattering Highlighter for Your Skin Tone

Are you using the right one?
Despite our license to play around with any highlighter under the sun, we can't deny that some colors just look extra flattering on certain skin tones. Some shades and complexions actually go so well together that the right application makes product look

We Tried 10 Affordable Cream Highlighters and Here's What Happened

Whatever your skin tone, there's one for you!
The beauty world still isn't over highlighters—and with good reason! Glowing skin is practically timeless, which means finding yourself the perfect highlighter makes for a great investment. Luckily, it doesn't have to burn a hole in your pocket. Drugstores have a big

So This Is How Colourpop Highlighters Are Made

So cool!
Unlike most makeup brands, Colourpop Cosmetics isn't afraid to give a tour of their factory. It's so cool how the company produces such quality products without sketchy factory operations! You'll see this in a video recently shared by Byrdie, wherein they showed

Best of Beauty 2016: Top 10 Highlighters

Here's what kept us glowing the entire year.
Highlighter is without a doubt the star product of 2016. You can deny it all want, but we witnessed everyone's highlighter collection triple in less than twelve months—ours included!From blinding highlights to undetectable sheens, you name it and our cheeks have probably

Beauty Bestsellers: Guerlain's Most Iconic Products

Find out more about one of beauty's oldest houses.
Guerlain has been in the business of luxury and beauty for more than a century. Founded in 1828 by master perfumer Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, the small business was passed down five generations to become the beauty powerhouse that still stands today. Although they are still