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Here's Where You Can Buy Siargao's Famous Smoothie Bowls in Manila

No need to travel far to get your fix!
Remember the good ol' pre-pandemic days, when summers meant taking a trip to Siargao and frolicking under the sun the whole day? Vacations at the island were always made more memorable with a visit to Shaka Cafe—the all-day breakfast spot known for

13 Vitamins You Can Drink That Will Help You Achieve Glowing Skin

Switch on your skin's natural radiance!
Vitamins can do a lot for our skin, whether they come in topical or oral supplement form. They can help us get that lit from within glow. If you're intrigued about which vitamins should be on your radar, check out the list below!There

Here's Where to Shop for Vegan-Friendly Groceries Online

Thinking of switching to a healthier diet this new year?
It’s no doubt that vegan diets have become popular. The likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and so many other celebs have already made the switch! They've done it for a multitude of convincing reasons like a healthier lifestyle and a better mental

These Juice Shots Are Healthy Alternatives to Your Daily Coffee

Start your day right with these healthy juice shots!
Vowing to start a healthy lifestlye is easier said done. Caffeine-free, all-green weekly meals sound less than appetizing especially when you're transitioning from fast food to fruits and veggies on the daily. Then again, no one said you had to fully give

Here's How You Can Eat Salad Without Leafy Greens

Not all salads need to have lettuce.
Eating salads can be challenging when you're not a fan of lettuce. But who said a salad must be made of just leafy greens? You have so many options when it comes to salads that you don't have to stick to green

This Diet Claims to Be Slimming and Anti-Aging

Here's your Alkaline Diet 101.
Recently, the alkaline diet has joined the roster of it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle trends among wellness aficionados. Why? Here are six of the many reasons: Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Gisele Bunchen, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, and Elle Macpherson. When

Beauty Cheat Sheet: The 7 Vitamins You Need To Start Taking

Healthy hair and skin? Check!
Your mom always tells you that beauty starts from the inside, and the truth is, she couldn't be more accurate. What you put in your body shows up on the surface—for example, too much fried food usually hails the often-untimely arrival of

5 Tips for Girls Who Have No Time to Exercise

For a healthier you!
For some people, the mere thought of preparing to work out already keeps them from getting out of bed. It's not always a busy schedule that gets in the way of having a proper workout routine. It could be the lack of