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Here's Where to Shop for Vegan-Friendly Groceries Online

Thinking of switching to a healthier diet this new year?
It’s no doubt that vegan diets have become popular. The likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande, and so many other celebs have already made the switch! They've done it for a multitude of convincing reasons like a healthier lifestyle and a better mental

Meet the Healthy Solution to Your Naughty Snacking Habits

It'll taste just as good, we promise.
On average, it takes about 21 days to break a bad habit. But if your habit is unhealthy snacking, rehab might take more than a three-week countdown. But FYI, it's totally okay to entertain your cravings every once in a while. We're

What to Eat For Your New Year's Detox

Leave all the guilt behind and start fresh.
It's finally time to say sorry to your tummy for an entire month of sinful eating. The new year should beckon a better, healthier you, and the best way to get back in shape is with a new year's detox. But before

7 Guilt-Free Junk Food That Are Perfect for the Healthy Eater

Not all junk food are created equal.
Believe it or not, some junk food are made with ingredients that are actually good for you. So if you're on a journey towards healthy eating and you think you need to completely swear off on junk food, well, think again. Below

13 Doctor-Approved Snacks That Are Under 100 Calories

You can eat popcorn!
Make it easy to keep track of your caloric intake with these healthy snacks. Dr. Angela Sison-Aguilar, a Good Housekeeping Philippines expert who provided the list, says each one contains 100 calories. At a glance, several items here won’t be making you jump for