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How to Make Your Skin Less Oily, According to a Doctor

Have you been doing it wrong all this time?
An oily skin type is a tricky one to deal with. There are too many skincare myths out there that can make the matters worse instead of helping you balance your sebum production. Perhaps the most misunderstood concept is hydration—some think it's

5 Tips for Girls Who Have No Time to Exercise

For a healthier you!
For some people, the mere thought of preparing to work out already keeps them from getting out of bed. It's not always a busy schedule that gets in the way of having a proper workout routine. It could be the lack of

This is How Fit People Stay in Shape

Pro tips from model Monika Sta. Maria.
This month's My Life in Beauty puts the spotlight on Asia's Next Top Model cycle 3 runner up Monika Sta. Maria and her doable fitness routine. A gig in Shanghai put things in perspective when her client asked her to lose weight

Here's How You Diet Like A Preview Girl

Yes, you can eat that glazed Krispy Kreme.
(Image from Jamie Nelson)Does it stun you how all the women who are stylish and successful maintain a perfectly nipped waist and waif-like figure? What if we told you they ate pizza, cinnamon rolls, and ensaimadas just as you would? Revisiting an

Beyonce Launches A Home Delivery Vegan Meal Service

Now we can eat like the Queen.
The R&B superstar stamps her seal of approval on veganism after she and husband Jay Z have embarked on their trainer Marco Borges' 22 Days Nutrition program. And as if it wasn't enough for the two to get in better shape, Queen

How Saab Magalona Slimmed Down For Her Wedding

Heads up, brides-to-be! Here's how you can fit into that wedding dress.
What’s the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you hear the word “diet”? Because this we’re sure— it’s definitely not "eating healthy." On the contrary, most girls feel that going on a diet means not eating at all. For some

Kim Kardashian West Hires A Nutritionist

15 pounds after, she felt the need to eat healthy again.
Kim Kardashian West recently gained 15 pounds after indulging in "really bad" food and wants to learn how to cook healthier meals for the sake of their 19-month-old daughter, North.The 34-year-old beauty said, "I just started seeing a nutritionist because... I eat really

11 Fun Workouts To Include In Your 2015 Bucket List

Because simply hitting the gym is so 2014.
Everyone knows that we only truly feel the result of our December sins in January. Today is our first day back to the daily grind and instead of complaining about how you didn’t even feel the break (it was actually pretty lengthy),

Meet 5 Of The Most Inspiring Women In Sports

Know their story and take a note or two.
Listen up, ladies! Drop those Christmas fruitcakes, start drafting your New Year's resolution list and commit to a more fit and active lifestyle. Your super adorable workout clothes and your Nike Roshes shouldn’t be collecting dust in your closet. This year, fitness

7 Reasons Why You Should Work Out With Your Girl Friends

If you've been procrastinating in the fitness department, we suggest enlisting the help of your best pals.
It’s true: “You don’t have to be great to start; but you DO have to start to be great.” That saying speaks volumes when it comes to fitness. How many times have you actually told yourself, “I promise to work out tomorrow,”

Here's Your Ticket To #twentyfourthin

Fitness First redefines the meaning of a cool club in the metro.
If you’re anything like me, finding to time to exercise at home would be comparable to a persistent suitor you know you have to entertain but are too scared (or lazy) to do so. I either need to be with friends, or

Our Celebrity Fitspiration

Check out who's keeping us motivated to attain the perfect bikini bod.
Being healthy is so on trend. During the past couple of years things like organic living and marathons have rose in popularity, all thanks to the stars that share their healthy lifestyles with their adoring fans. Sure, we’re all probably too busy

Health Alert: Care For Your Kidneys

Today is World Kidney Day, so we fill you in with tips on how to keep them in tip-top shape.
Kidneys are vital organs, although they come in pairs and you can't opt to donate one to a fellow, it's always better to have your two beans in mint condition. World Kidney Day is observed every second Thursday of March to remind

Anne Curtis Reveals Her Fitness Secrets

The National Sweetheart shares how she's achieved her smashing bod, and believes you can do it, too!
Anne Curtis' abs #selfies have us wanting to burn calories and hit the gym pronto. She's truly the ideal girl for Century Tuna's latest Superbods 2014 campaign with John Lloyd Cruz in tow. What makes this year's Superbods more exciting than the previous

Beauty Lab: Beat The Bloat

Three editors take on three juice detox programs.
The holidays usually come hand in hand with binge-eating. Let’s face it, our culture puts food at the forefront, and it goes on full blast when the holidays roll around. Between your lola’s sumptuous Noche Buena spread, your tita’s Thanksgiving turkey, and

X Means Love

Read on to know fast facts about cervical cancer, a disease that affects 3 out of 4 women globally.
The letter 'X' is mostly portrayed as a negative letter, but this time, 'X' could mean something positive. Radio DJ and bride-to-be Andi Manzano is the latest ambassador of X Means Love, a campaign that aims to spread cervical cancer and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Eating Pretty

Eat your way to being pretty!
Just like your favorite department store, the grocery is a great source for beauty boosters. Our ancestors most probably relied on these natural goodies to  keep their face as fresh as a flower. That's because nourishing your body from inside out will

NestlÉ Non-fat Milk Flaunts It This Summer

Preview, Cosmopolitan, and Nestlé tie-up for one fresh show.
Fashion, beauty, and fitness: these were the main themes of the White Trunk Show held at The Loft, Manansala, Rockwell, last May 21. The three pillars when it comes to these fundamentals—namely Preview Magazine, Cosmopolitan Philippines, and Nestlé Philippines—worked together for a