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Here's How You Can Eat Salad Without Leafy Greens

Not all salads need to have lettuce.
Eating salads can be challenging when you're not a fan of lettuce. But who said a salad must be made of just leafy greens? You have so many options when it comes to salads that you don't have to stick to green

This is How Fit People Stay in Shape

Pro tips from model Monika Sta. Maria.
This month's My Life in Beauty puts the spotlight on Asia's Next Top Model cycle 3 runner up Monika Sta. Maria and her doable fitness routine. A gig in Shanghai put things in perspective when her client asked her to lose weight

Summer Bevs: Cranberry Sangria Recipe

Thirsty? Here's a mocktail to keep the doctor away.
Vogue food critic Jeffrey Steingarten has heralded the return of the punch bowl—what better bev to fill it with than a cranberry sangria?—mock, of course. Now for the hip, young crowd, a mocktail might sound lame, but we say: why douse this

Power Breakfast Recipe: Dr. Oz's Green Drink

Even Blair Waldorf needed this detox while trying to run her mother's billion dollar company.
In dire need of a cleanse? You’re not the only one. But how do you flush out the toxins in your system without having to sacrifice your diet for a whole week? The answer, according to Dr. Oz, Oprah’s favorite cardiothoracic surgeon,

What's The Buzz About Lemon Water?

We assure you, it's definitely worth all the hype.
Ever heard of the rumors that Beyoncé and Mariah Carey only drink lemon water when on a diet? There’s no way to know for sure, but if it were true, we can’t blame them. With all the facts that we know about the super

3 Mocktails For A Smarter, More Active, And More Beautiful You

Sit, sip, then repeat to a healthier lifestyle.
Last week, we attended a party like no other as we got to sit, sip, and learn about the benefits of drinking... 100% fruit juice. The celebration was about raising awareness to the Healthy Beverages Options Act 4021, which basically tackles the