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5 Unisex Pieces from Local Brands You Need to Check Out

From jackets to beach towels!
In the era of gender inclusivity, fashion follows suit and takes progressive steps with the help of brands that transfer power to the wearer and achieve wider acceptance of everyone's preferences. While some may think that gender-neutral fashion is just a trend

15 Cool Ways to Look Stylish in a Baseball Cap

Keep it casual.
Ah, the baseball cap. It's a certified staple from the casual half of almost everyone's closet, though chances are that you reserve it for those drab days off you want to conceal, not feel. To rebutt, here's a thought to consider: With

Liz Uy Effortlessly Pulls Off Cowboy Boots and Hat at Paris Fashion Week

Cowboy boots and sequins? We’re obsessed.
Western-inspired fashion has earned a dubious rap over the years—overdoing the leather and fringe, after all can veer towards costume-y. Done right, however, and the cowboy and rodeo elements will earn you some serious style points! Leave it to Liz Uy to completely pull off

10 Celebs Who Prove That a Bucket Hat Should Be Your New Travel Essential

It's so much more hardworking than you think.
The perfect travel buddy has quite a number of requirements to meet. Outfit-wise, it's got to be versatile, lightweight, and hardworking—something the bucket hat epitomizes. Didn't see that coming? Think it over: It's sun protection, an avalanche of style points, and a

10 Ways to Style a Straw Hat in the City

Because FYI, it isn't beach-exclusive!
We've long stood by this: If you're gutsy enough, you can make anything happen. Take, for example, the straw hat! It's undoubtedly a seaside staple, but wouldn't it look fantastic strollin' around in the city's summer heat, too? Here, 10 ways to

Here's What to Wear When You're Tired of Bucket Hats

Cop the cap well-loved by your IG faves.
Tired of boring caps? The bucket hat trend not your cup of tea? Try borrowing from the boys of the 1920s and try on a pageboy cap for a change. It's a great styling trick to cop from the dapper chaps of

All the Fanciest Hats We Spotted at the Royal Wedding

Whose headdress was your fave?
What’s a British royal wedding without fancy hats? Answer: There’s no such thing.A special occasion in British society is never complete without a hat. This tradition dates back to the 1950s. Before then, ladies, especially those who belonged to the upper class,

These Bloggers Are Obsessed with the Pageboy Cap

Getting tired of the beret? Here's a chic alternative!
Let's just get this out of the way: we adore the beret just as much as you do. Still, we can't help but let our heads (literally) wander and wonder what other topper options are out there in the wilderness—case in point:

How to Keep Your Hat on All Day, According to Renee de Guzman

Because it can be pretty hard to commit.
Meet the mad hatter. "I never really thought that people would actually get to know me for hats, and that's kinda surprising," the ever-chic Renee de Guzman says, laughing. "I was called a hat kween several times but a moment I will never

Fashion Dictionary: Your Ultimate Guide to Hats

Yes, bretons and berets are different.
We're shipping you off to fashion school! You've got a good head on your shoulders, so why not top it with somethin' pretty—a very en vogue beret, perhaps? Or maybe a beanie? Here's a quick and easy guide to telling your hats

16 of the Cutest Berets to Shop Now

Effortless Parisian chic!
Whether you're a hardcore Francophile or a Hallyu wave loyalist, you'll know that the classic Parisian beret is the season's hat du jour. It's a quick, quirky way to add easy chic to any outfit, and that's pretty much why we adore

5 Times Renee de Guzman Got Her Head(wear) In The Game

She's on this year's Preview Best Dressed list for a good reason!
Let's just put this out there: we think Renee de Guzman's style is divine. After all, her flawless, jetsetting OOTDs have landed her a spot on our 2016 Best Dressed list, and you'll see why: the curly-pated fashion student may be achingly

How the Geeks Accessorized at the Preview Ball

Geek chic isn’t just a pair of specs.
This year's Preview Ball had guests rummaging through their high school (or college) closets. Of course, we couldn’t help but take a second look at the different ensembles as a handful of them decided to think beyond a pair of specs and

Inside a Wonderland of McQueen x Treacy Hats

Stoking my love of headpieces at the 'Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty' exhibit in London.
‘La Dame Bleue’ (Spring/Summer 08) - the author's favorite. (Images via Victoria & Albert Museum, London)LONDON - Walking into the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ at the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty exhibit is like walking into a wardrobe and into Narnia. The walls were

22 Fab Floppy Hats Ready For Your Taking

Nail the hat trick with these fab finds.
We talked about what the type of hat you wear says about you, and if you fall under the fedora or floppy categories (which means you’re fun, charismatic, and has great taste in her sartorial choices) then this week’s Editors’ Picks will

What Your Hat Says About You

We're cracking the codes of the many hats we wear.
Hats play a crucial role in projecting a certain image we want to be seen as. You can easily trick people into thinking that you’re a true blue hipster when deep inside you know you’re an actual hypebeast just by wearing a

The 5 Signature Looks Of Laureen Uy

Here's your chance to steal the look of one of the country's top fashion bloggers.
You don’t think we’d let the day pass without greeting this top blogger slash #PreviewGirl a happy birthday, do you? Sister to the celebrity stylist Liz Uy and Preview creative director Vince Uy, BFFs with fellow super bloggers Camille Co and Kryz

Steal Her Style: 5 Signature Looks Of Kim Jones

Because who wouldn't want to make the birthday girl her style peg?
We can’t believe it's been almost a year since we first met the lovely Kim Jones. Since that 15 minute chat that started our relationship with her, we've continuously followed her rise to fame—from her Preview cover and her wedding to Jericho Rosales, to the re-launch of

Weekend Recap: March 24-28, 2014

Missed out on anything? End your week right with our weekly article rundown!
Summer ShoppingIf you’re planning on stocking up for the summer, this list of angular sunnies, hats, shorts, and these colorful Rags2Riches bags might help round out your summer accessories. As for what to wear under your summer ensembles, this sexy list of