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Here's How Maggie Wilson Deals with Being Called a "Gold Digger"

"Yes, I do enjoy digging my OWN gold."
Maggie Wilson has a simple yet effective way to deal with haters. "Change the way you interpret their words," she writes on her latest Instagram post.The model-host held a mini Instagram Stories Q&A session with followers on May 15, and one follower

This Girl's Genius Reply to a Fat-Shamer Has Gone Viral on Facebook

"Love yourself. And let people love themselves."
What started as a typical internet rant for makeup artist Kristine Ramos became a public outburst on the rampance of fat shaming. She made a Facebook post about people commenting on her weight, pointing out exactly what's wrong with doing so. A

Jessy Mendiola Reads Hate Comments

Now the joke’s on you, haters!
Go ahead and try to bring her down, but Jessy Mendiola could not care less about her haters.With vile comments constantly plaguing the internet, the main targets are normally celebrities or public figures who—contrary to popular belief—are just ordinary human beings who

This Video Will Make You Rethink Those Hate Comments

Do trolls never really get satisfied?
For every double tap she gets from her 42.6 million Instagram followers, there is a hater out to bring Kylie Jenner down. From calling her a Kim Kardashian wannabe to posting comments saying that she looks like a gold-digging step mom when