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Here's Why We Don't Want a Shout-Out from Jameson Blake

The entire creative industry is enraged, and they have every right to be.
The now-deleted tweet of Pinoy Big Brother alumni and Hashtags member Jameson Blake got the internet fuming faster than anyone can type “Lucid Express”—and quite frankly, we’re not at all that surprised.Two days ago, the 21-year-old local entertainer waged an impromptu Twitter contest

8 Ways to Make an Impression on Instagram, Miss Universe-Style

The real pregame is online.
The delegates of the 65th Miss Universe pageant are already arriving in Manila in batches this week but the "competition" has actually begun a while back. As early as when the girls were crowned to represent their respective countries, the digital-savvy of

Bye, Bye Hashtags

Twitter's new feature might eliminate the need for them.
Goodbye, hashtags?Under Twitter's yet-to-launch feature “Project Lightning,” users can view collections of tweets, pictures, and videos of a single event or trending topic, instead of having to surf various hashtags or look up individual accounts.5 important things:1. Topics or events can be