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9 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up in the Spotlight and What They're Up to Now

They're definitely making their parents proud!
With talent and skill running through their veins, the children of our favorite local celebrities have long captivated our attention throughout the years. From quick snaps shared by their parents to memorable appearances in TV commercials, we’ve seen how they’ve grown up

5 Podcasts You Should Check Out If You're in Need of Honest Girl Talk

They're all hosted by relatable Filipina personalities.
In recent years, podcasts have started to become a staple in the daily routines of many. Thanks to this, outspoken talents from all around the world—including our own celebrities, like Pia Wurtzbach and Gabbi Garcia, and independent voice artists alike—have begun transitioning to

8 Celebrities and Influencers Who Studied Abroad

From a bachelor's degree to short courses.
Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only do you get to experience what college life is like in a different country, but you also get to discover more about the place and learn about their culture and yourself in the process. It's a

A Petite Girl's Guide to Dressing Taller

There's nothing wrong with wanting to add a bit of height!
Dear petite girls, you've got to know that there's absolutely no shame in living on the shorter side of life. But there's no problem with wanting to look a little taller either, especially if it boosts your confidence level up a notch.

LOTD: How to Achieve a Golden Glow That Flatters Morena Skin

It looks amazing in pictures!
More than using a good highlighter, achieving dewy skin depends on how well your skincare and makeup go together. Some products work better when paired with a certain ingredient or formula, so make it your beauty mission to find your own killer