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Your Guide to Surviving the Worst Hangover of Your Life

Because it's wine o'clock again.
Snap out of that holidaze. Like, now. ’Tis the season of parties, and of perseverance. Here are a few hacks to get you through a holiday party-induced hangover.ON THE NIGHT OF THE PARTY:IMAGE Liam Andrew Cura1. Drink collagen.Alcohol affects skin’s elasticity, just

How to Do Your Makeup When You're Hungover

When you'd rather not, but feel like you should.
Hangovers are never fun. What's worse, however, is having to get up, do your makeup, and face the world while nursing one. Although it might be tempting to panic when you're in this mess, you shouldn't. You can look like your drinking

Three Bartenders Reveal the Best Hangover Cures

You’ll be shocked at the one ingredient they all have in common!
For people who love to drink, the cycle is pretty much the same. If you party hard, expect to wake up with an insufferable hangover. We can tell you that drinking lots of water before hitting the sack is going to help,

A Beauty Girl's Guide to Dealing with a Hangover

Editor-approved tricks to help you get by for those dreadful mornings after.
Not unless you’re an absolute straight edge, hump day drinks have pretty much become the weekly team bonding between co-workers. Seeing that there’s still more work to be done the next day, we try our best to curb our enthusiasm even when

Conquer Your Hangover With This Elixir

Nothing like a bit of green juice.
Okay, so it looks like you had too much fun last night. Your head is pounding and I’m guessing you’re a little nauseous, too? Worry not, because Mother Nature always provides. With a bevy of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, you can juice

Hide Your Hangover

No one would ever suspect what you did last night with these clever post-party tricks.
A fun party with free-flowing drinks and non-stop dancing will make you forget that you’re an adult with actual responsibilities. Guilty? Continue reading. By morning of the following day, you'll most likely drag yourself out of bed with a throbbing head, puffy