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Liz Uy and Gretchen Ho Are Twinning In this Chic Short Haircut

Because it's always short hair season!
It's always short hair season when you live in the tropics, but celebs and fashion girls seem to be gravitating towards a specific cut this season. In fact, Liz Uy and Gretchen Ho are currently sporting that exact blunt 'do—and you know

20 Non-Boring And Easy Ways To Style Your Shoulder-Length Hair

Effortless looks ahead!
Shoulder-length hair is the sweet spot between bobs and long locks. The haircut is versatile—you can create different looks with little effort. Whether you've got straight, wavy, or curly hair, these suggestions will certainly take your 'do up a notch!*This story originally

Here Are the Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces

Want to change it up? Ideas here!
You pretty much hit the beauty jackpot because practically all hairstyles look good on girls with oval-shaped faces. Take advantage of what you’ve been #blessed with by changing it up and playing around with these rad looks. Celeb hairstylist Suyen Salazar gave this

19 Easy Hairstyles You Can Do with Thin Hair

Okay, we’re taking all our hair cues from Brie Larson from now on.
Feel like you don’t have too many hair options because of your thin strands or lack of volume? Whether you’re just hitting the gym or enjoying a glam night out, Brie Larson—all-around cool girl and Marvel’s newest superhero—proves that it’s totally easy

13 Easy and Pretty Wedding Hairstyles You Can Do on Yourself

When DIY is the only way to go...
Attending a wedding soon? Save money by doing your own hair instead of going to a salon to have it styled. Below, we show you how to do the easiest glam hairstyles you can wear to any fancy occasion.These simple hair accessories

Review: This Salon Can Make Your Crazy Hair Color Dreams Come True

Platinum silver? Rose gold? This salon can do it for you!
I’ve always wanted to have blue hair since I entered college in 2006. It wasn't frowned upon in art school, so I thought, why not? However, that was more than 10 years ago; it was before rainbow-colored hair dyes were readily available

5 Hairstyles from Your Childhood That Are Officially Cool Again

Here's how to wear them like a big girl.
Get ready for the mane event: a major beauty throwback! Hair trinkets are clearly a huge deal this 2018, especially the ones that were almost perpetually plastered to your scalp back when you were a little girl. Scrunchies? Colorful barrettes? Yes, you

LOTD: You Have to See Maine Mendoza's Chic New Hairstyle

A new 'do for the new year!
January is almost over, so we're guessing most of you have already gone to the salon for a new 'do. For those who haven't yet, don't fret, because it's never too late to get your dream chop. Just ask Maine Mendoza, who

LOTD: This Short Haircut Is Perfect for Oval-Shaped Faces

For your next bold chop!
Oval-faced girls have a unique kind of struggle when it comes to haircuts. Everyone, including hair experts, claim they can rock any type of 'do. And while versatility is great and all, it really helps to narrow down your best options. Take

5 Braided Hairstyles Girls in Their 20s Should Master

Essential hairdos right here.
Once you hit your 20s, your hairstyling skillset should include more than curling and straightening. Braids, for one, are amazing go-tos for a photo-ready look. But if you're not sure where to start, we asked hairstylists Mong Amado and Mycke Arcano for

The Best Haircut and Hair Color, According to Your Face Shape

Find yours here!
Salon visits are always better if you have a plan in mind. Below, six stylists share their expertise on how to get the best haircut according to your face shape.HEART (High, prominent cheekbones, rounded cheeks, and a pronounced chin)According to Henri Calayag

10 Easy Hairstyles to Try When You're Already Running Late

Be out the door in minutes!
Styling your hair should be equivalent to creating an optical illusion. Let everyone assume you had time to get ready, even when you only had 10 minutes! The next time you're rushing out the door but need to look extra polished, here

You Have to See How Bridal Hairstyles Have Changed Over the Years

Pick your favorite!
Single or not, everyone enjoys a good, romantic wedding. You don't have to be a bride-to-be to appreciate or simply have fun ogling at everything. And by everything, we mostly mean the bride—from her immaculate white frock to her picture-perfect hairstyle. Speaking of

LOTD: Lovi Poe's Dreamy Updo

She does it the anti-bride and beauty queen way.
Despite their popularity at weddings and beauty pageants, wearing an updo to your casual and semi-formal events isn't too risky of a feat. Like any hairstyle, you can tone down the look but still look polished and glam. Lovi Poe, for example,

LOTD: Georgina Wilson's Glamour Waves

It's undoubtedly one of our #hairgoals!
Voluminous curls are the go-to for hairstylists when they want something soft and romantic that frames the face well. It gives a mermaid-like vibe and makes long hair look anything but dull. It may require a bigger curling barrel and a lot