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You Have to See Bea Soriano-Dee's Hair Pin Collection

Now you know where the pins on her selfies are from!
It looks we're not the only ones with an ongoing love affair with hair pins. Bea Soriano-Dee is in on the trend, too, sporting everything from animal print pins to pearl barrettes on her Instagram selfies. In fact, she recently shared a photo

15 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Wear Hairpins

Screenshot away!
Hair pins are having a huge moment right now, from classic barrettes to bobby pins that we never thought would see the light of day. With the ease and versatility of pins being too hard to resist, slide one (or two or

Watch: The Wonders Of Bobby Pins

Three ways to play your hair up with the use of bobby pins
Our latest video tutorial shows you how bobby pins can act like tiny magic wands that can transform your 'do into different hairstyles you thought was never possible with just those often-hidden, tiny hair accessories. You’ll see detailed steps on how to