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This Is the Most Customized Haircut You Can Get at a Salon

A wizard with the scissors, Jude Hipolito clues us in on his particular brand of styling.
When I asked Jude Hipolito (one half of the masterminds behind JuRo Salon Exclusif) what the big deal with precision cutting was, he laughed. "That's the most abused phrase in the industry. Everyone claims to be a precision cutter!" he said with

5 Ways You Can Use Your Hair to Achieve a Slimmer Face

Look more chiseled sans the contour.
Believe it or not, finding the perfect hairstyle can simulate the perks of diet and exercise ten times faster. Below, we present you with five options that can help your face achieve angular perfection:Getting bangs can hide both a wide forehead and

These Are the Best Short Haircuts for Every Face Shape

Yes, there's a short 'do that will suit you!
A drastic haircut is something that must be thought over twice, if not thrice. But if you're itching to chop your locks super short, the question is not about whether or not it will suit you—there's actually a short haircut that will

The Best Haircut and Hair Color, According to Your Face Shape

Find yours here!
Salon visits are always better if you have a plan in mind. Below, six stylists share their expertise on how to get the best haircut according to your face shape.HEART (High, prominent cheekbones, rounded cheeks, and a pronounced chin)According to Henri Calayag

This Celeb-Approved Haircut Will Be Everywhere This Summer

It's the freshest hairstyle!
Girls, it's time to grow out of your layers and give a one-length cut a try! While a thinned-out cut provides movement and dimension, a blunt cut is a no-fuss, simple haircut made for the minimalist gal. Call it a little normcore,

Erich Gonzales' Guide to the Perfect Post-Breakup Cut

The details on her fresh chop!
Nothing confirms breakup rumors better than the debut of freshly chopped locks. It's subtle, classy, and of course—a great excuse to change up your look. We think Erich Gonzales executed this perfectly, and her fresh blunt cut is solid evidence.But how exactly

These Will Be the Most Banging Hairstyles for Guys This Year

Print this out and go to the barber, stat!
The folks over at Men's Hairstyles Today recently came up with an infographic of hairstyles that they predict will go big this year. To help us further along, they also incorporated instructions as to what to tell the barber and how to style your new

Here’s Why a Dry Cut Is the Secret to Great Hair

News flash: Your stylist has been cutting your hair wrong!
Brace yourself for a rude awakening: If you’ve been having your hair cut while it’s wet, chances are it’s not living up to its fullest potential.Wait, what?!?While it’s quite normal for us to have our hair shampooed and conditioned before our stylist

3 Hairstyles for a Slimmer-Looking Face

We've narrowed down your next haircut for you.
Deciding on getting a new 'do or getting your hair chopped can get a little tricky at times. This is mostly because of the doubt that comes with trying a new hairstyle or new length and how it can look. Even with