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5 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair without Heat

Ever heard of the "sock method"?
Whether it's for a quick beach getaway, a video meeting, or even a DIY photoshoot, you can't go wrong with giving your hair an even set of waves. That said, curling your hair can take a lot of time (especially if you’re

3 Chic Hairstyles You Can Do with Bobby Pins

No need to hide them after all!
If you're not one to splurge on hair accessories, don't sweat. You only need bobby pins for a chic 'do! Here are three hairstyles we're loving at the moment—from a five-minute look to something a little more evening-appropriate:Gigi Hadid's Met Gala 2018 look

Here's the Easiest Way to Achieve Soft Curls with an Iron

Let Aryanna show you!
When I’m in a rush and need to look put together in under 10 minutes, this is my go-to hair hack. I swear by this curling technique because it doesn’t require any hair-curling experience or skill at all, no joke! Step 1: Make

3 Hairstyles for Days When You Didn't Wash Your Hair

Freshen up those locks!
Skipping shampoo for a day or two is a great trick for maintaining healthy hair, but it can be quite a struggle given our humid climate. We're doomed to deal with an oily scalp on day two, give or take. Luckily, that's

Here Are Quick and Easy Ways to Style Your Unwashed Hair

Your hair doesn't have to look greasy on its day two!
The impression that only freshly-washed hair can be styled well is a myth. Some hairstylists actually prefer working with day two (or three!) hair, since the strands are more cooperative and malleable.This means that even in a hurry, you can style your

Pia Wurtzbach Shows Us How to Fake a Short Bob

Watch this before you commit to a drastic haircut!
Going for a drastic chop is no easy decision. Once you cut off those long tresses, there’s simply no going back even if you end up regretting your impulsive haircut the morning after. That said, our very own Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach

No Curling Iron? Use Balloons!

This girl did it.
In case the day comes and you can’t find your rollers or curling iron anywhere and all you have is a pack of balloons, know that you can actually create voluminous waves with them. At least, this tutorial says so:Okay, we honestly

WATCH: Summer Hairstyles with Gabbi Garcia

These easy-to-do hairstyles are perfect for the fuss-free girl!
Summer is all about having fun! While looking good is always a non-negotiable for a certified beauty girl, that should be the least of your worries when chilling by the pool or sipping on a piña colada by the beach. So, how

Hairstyles You Can Do On Your Own For The Holidays

Learn how to do your own 'do with these easy-to-follow videos.
We welcome the Yuletide season with a positive attitude topped off with a spanking new look to match. We’re pretty sure a handful of you are planning to get a haircut or a new hair color to ring in the first of

How To Cop Alexa Chung's Perfectly Tousled Hair

Here's your chance to finally say #iwokeuplikethis.
Alexa Chung is no stranger in the world of fashion. As a model, a TV host, and a contributing editor to British Vogue, this English beauty took the industry by storm with her undeniable wit and charm. Now she may be more

Flapper Flair: An Elegant 'do Without A Touch Of Hair Product

Want to go as a character straight from the Great Gatsby movie for Halloween? Pull off this chic and elegant flapper-inspired look and follow this no-fuss step-by-step tutorial.
In The Great Gatsby movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan, the dapper gentlemen escorted fine ladies wearing sparkly headbands, as they sipped champagne and partied like there's no tomorrow.If you're interested to be a flapper with flair this Hallow's eve, look

Look We Love: Hair Extensions

Open your doors to a wider array of styles with faux strands to help you ahieve greater lengths.
In the same way that makeup allows us to transform our look from sweet to vampy in the span of a few minutes, our hair also benefits greatly from a little tweaking. But with our preferences for hairstyles changing as often as