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Here's a Cool Haircut Idea If You're Thinking About Getting Bangs

It's the perfect non-committal hair change!
If you're still not sure whether or not you want to get bangs, take a cue from Claudia Barretto. Her sheer fringe, which is K-beauty approved, is perfect for those who aren't exactly ready to make the jump.Her barely-there fringe isn't high

The Hair Game Is Strong at the 2018 FIFA World Cup

Locks that never seem to go out of place.
The FIFA World Cup 2018 fever is still on as the month-long event comes to its final—and perhaps most anticipated—stages. And if you're anything like us (read: style-obsessed), you'd somehow notice the competition is fierce not only in the pitch, but also

6 Truths You Need to Know Before Going Blonde

Do blondes have more fun?
After seeing celebrities like Cristine Reyes and Angel Locsin go blonde, thoughts about getting the same extreme makeover may be playing in your mind. There's nothing wrong with that, but before you take the plunge, here are several truths about going blonde that

8 Easy Hair Care Tricks for the Lazy Girl

Get healthy hair without moving a muscle!
Hair care can only become complicated if you want it to be. Healthy, gorgeous hair is actually not that difficult to achieve once you have your basics down and you pay attention to the little things that are secretly damaging your locks.

How Much Product Should You Be Using?

You might be using too little or too much!
How many of you find yourselves scratching your heads each time the back label of a beauty or personal care product says “squeeze a pea-sized amount onto your hands?" Oftentimes, we tend to use too little or too much, simply because we

5 Ways to Fix a Bad Haircut

Because it usually takes a long time for your hair to grow back.
It can happen to all of us. You walk out of the salon unsatisfied with a hideous haircut that you'll probably wear under a hat or put up in a ponytail for months. But with these remedies, you can learn to love

Hairstyles You Can Do On Your Own For The Holidays

Learn how to do your own 'do with these easy-to-follow videos.
We welcome the Yuletide season with a positive attitude topped off with a spanking new look to match. We’re pretty sure a handful of you are planning to get a haircut or a new hair color to ring in the first of

A Girl's Guide To Layers Part 2

This time around, we show you how to deal with thick and curly hair.
Picking up from where we left off last week with tips in understanding the different types of layered cuts inspired by something we picked up from Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department, we now go into detail with something that's more relatable to Pinays. While it’s

How To Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Here are a few style tips you can try to transform your hair from beat to sleek.
Whether you’re born with naturally sparse strands, or all those hair coloring and blow drying caused your hair to go brittle, know that there are ways to give them life through styling. It helps to use anti-hairfall or any similar shampoo that

The Perfect Match

We give you the hair and makeup to match your prom gowns of different necklines.
Ah, prom. The night all teenage girls have been looking forward to in all their 17 years. But no matter how many magazines you power through, selecting the perfect pairing of your dress, hair and makeup is always a confusing task. We

Anne's Top Five 'dos

The girl with the best hair shares her favorite ways to style her locks.
Yes, we know we talk a lot about Anne Curtis' hair, but the truth is, up close it really is a sight to be seen. Often voluminous yet weightless, undone yet never messy, it's only natural for hair-challeneged girls like us to

Head And Shoulders Announces A Suprising New Endorser

John Lloyd Cruz claims he's found "the one" in his new shampoo brand.
High profile breakups always get people talking. So when celebrity heavyweight John Lloyd Cruz was revealed as the newest endorser for Head and Shoulders, it left the beauty industry—as host for the event Sam YG aptly stated—scratching their heads wondering why the

Anne's Tight Curls From Love And Other Drugs

Romance is in the air with this Valentine's Day worthy style.
When it comes to dating pressure, Valentine's Day is by far the motherload. From figuring out which sexy body-con to squeeze into that night, to picking a simple yet thoughtful present to get our honeys, to where to book a reservation for dinner, and even figuring

Jing Monis And His Muses

A closer look at the celeb hair stylists' roster of clients and their cuts.
Jing Monis is a name that is as well known in the beauty world as his star studded clientele. Servicing the hottest of it-girls, his Greenbelt 1 salon has become a favorite for the likes of Georgina Wilson, Carmen Soo, Anne Curtis,

Top Knot

The bun reaches greater heights in a crown sitting knot.
Fast and easy, buns are often the style of choice during days when you run out of time to groom in the mornings, when you feel the need to balance a fussy outfit or when those ever dreadful bad hair days come