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Martine Cajucom's Secret To Her #iwokeuplikethis ‘do

The Marni-wearing entrepreneur relies on a grocery find from the baking aisle!
Do you know why one-fourth of the Sunnies Studios team and resident California girl, Martine Cajucom, is not your average everyday hubadera? It’s because she’s the total chick package. Her signature skimpy sensibilities and feline flick are perfectly complemented by her #IWokeUpLikeThis ‘do

The Right Type Of Bangs For Your Face Shape

Know which one will frame your pretty face well.
Do you feel like you look weird without your bangs like Zooey Deschanel? Do you want to conceal your five-finger forehead like Tyra Banks? Or do you simply want to give the fringe a shot because it looks great on Taylor Swift? Sometimes,

#tiptuesday: Keep Your Bobby Pins From Sliding

Silky-tressed ladies, here's how to put a stop to the slip and slide.
Being the proud owner of a head of hair devoid of texture, I call it a feat when my chin-length bob stays in its paintbrush-sized ponytail throughout the day. But there are days when I have to enlist a couple of tricks