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Review: What Is the Dyson Airwrap and Why Is It Always Sold Out?

We tried the viral hair tool and here's what happened.
I have what most consider as typical "Asian hair." It's dark and straight, with fine strands that resist most kinds of processing and heat styling. For this reason, my general experience with curling irons is sporadic. My hair is frizzy to start

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Your Hair

Straighten those tresses like a pro!
The 1970s was when women sported mid-parted, stick-straight locks that fell way past the waist, which one could only get by trusting a friend enough not to toast one's locks as she quite literally ironed it in much the same way we

Hot Hair Tools

Here's the lowdown on hair prettifying technology.
Ahh, hot tools. They’re probably categorized under every girl’s Beauty Sins folder, but despite the damage they wreak on fragile strands, we still turn to them time and time again to achieve flawless hair. But with new-fangled technology introducing foreign lingo like