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12 Scented Shampoos That Will Keep Your Hair Smelling Fresh All Summer

These will have your tresses smelling fresh out of the shower even under the blistering heat!
We can't stop the sun from shining hard this summer, but we can use products to avoid smelling like sweat and pollution. We don't mean spraying your hair with perfume, though, because while that sounds easy, perfume can actually irritate or dry out

These are the Best Hair Care Products We Tried in 2020

The at-home products that delivered shine, hydration, and much-needed repair
The at-home products that delivered shine, hydration, and much-needed repairThe pandemic undoubtedly had an effect on the way we care for our hair. Unable to go to the salon during the earlier months of quarantine, some took the brave step of going

You Can Now Refill Your Empty Bottles of Hair Products

Here's how it works!
Refillable products are the industry's latest move towards eco-conscious beauty, and personal care giant Unilever is now heeding the call for it.The group is opening the All Things Hair Refillery, its first public refilling station for hair products. It will be open from March 23

Texture Spray Is the Answer to Achieving Effortless-Looking Hair

Time to toss out that hairspray.
The secret to achieving the beachy hair of your dreams? Texture spray. Hairstylists love it, models swear by it, and now it's your turn to discover the wonders it can do!What exactly can texture spray do for your hair anyway? Ouai's description of

How to Finally Achieve the Instagram Model Hair of Your Dreams

Let this cool new hair product line help you out.
Until recently, hair commercials in the Philippines only ever showed one look–long, dark, shiny, thick hair. Which leaves people with different hair goals asking: Where is the leave-in product for the beach waves of my dreams? How to condition my hair if

7 Conditioners That Will Make Your Hair Smell Amazing

You'll definitely look forward to washing your hair!
Shampoos aren't the only ones that excel in the scent department. Their conditioning partners-in-crime know how to make our sniffers happy, too! And knowing that it's not a healthy habit to shampoo everyday, having a conditioner that smells just as good will

The Foolproof 5-Step Routine For Naturally Curly Hair

Flaunt those curls, girls.
A curly pate may be hard to tame, but let us tell you that nothing's chicer than hair left completely au naturel! That said, we're giving you a foolproof, five-step routine for ultra-managable knots and waves that'll be the envy of all.

10 Fool-Proof Hair Products and Tools Every Girl Should Have

Ready to make a shopping list?
Styling your hair by yourself doesn't have to be a struggle. There's a solution for every kind of hair woe out there, and you don't need to be a professional to solve them. Hair products are actually very friendly to the everyday

6 Ways You're Using Your Hair Products Wrong

Correct these nasty habits and notice the huge difference.
1. You don't shampoo well.When shampooing hair, you should gently rub the lather on your scalp to remove oil and dirt. Let the suds set on your hair for abour two to three minutes before rinsing to make sure that the shampoo

Pull Off Stunning Curls A La Solange Knowles

Own them the way she does!
The woman behind Saint Records, Solange Knowles, celebrates her birthday today (in this side of the world, at least) and we can’t help but zoom in on her famous curly locks. As you may have seen on her personal Instagram account, she

Primp Your Persona

Prettifying products for your alter ego
There are different types of girls in this world, not to mention the different sub-personalities within each type. To make things fun, we explore the inner workings of these imagined personas by riffling through their vanities. (Plus, it’ll give you a heads

Dove Launches Hair Care Line

The brand that gained popularity from its bath range now ventures into the hair market.
When you think Dove, you think Dove soap. While the brand has released variants and other formulations of bathtime products, they have all somehow related and remained true to the purity and simplicity that their star product became known for. 2012 however marks a

Golden Age

Kérastase introduces Elixir Ultime, an oil-based product with 3 applications.
The more we subject our hair to chemical based in-salon treatments, the more it becomes necessary to take care of our locks while at home. To address a growing need for premium hair care without having to take an extra trip, Kerastase

2010: A Year In Beauty

We sum up the top trends, products and stories of the year.
While the recession still fresh in 2009 left us a little more modest and pared down, 2010 was a big year for reigniting our excitement and interest in the fun and whimsy of that the beauty industry brings. 2010 was about play.

Top Knot

The bun reaches greater heights in a crown sitting knot.
Fast and easy, buns are often the style of choice during days when you run out of time to groom in the mornings, when you feel the need to balance a fussy outfit or when those ever dreadful bad hair days come

Taming Curly Hair

Controlling the frizz while keeping your curls intact.
They say you always want what you can't have. Curly-haired girls tend to long for sophisticated pin-straight locks to run their fingers through. But since they also say, be happy with what you have, here's a few handy tips for all you