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10 Best Hair Growth Shampoos for Stronger, Thicker Locks

Achieve the thick luscious hair of your dreams with these picks.
A beauty problem we may all face at one point is hair loss. But to make you feel a little bit better, hair loss is more common than people think, and it can happen to almost anyone.According to dermatologists and hair experts,

Gentle Detangling Brushes to Try for Less Hair Fall

For smoother, knot-free locks without the pain.
Shedding around 50 to 100 strands of hair a day is normal, so there's no need to freak out when you lose some in the shower or while brushing your hair. It only becomes concerning when you go beyond that number, because in that case, your

This Is the Simple Hair Care Routine That Will Stop Your Hair Fall

No need to sit for hours in a salon for a treatment!
The common causes of hair fall such as stress, hormone levels, and medication can be quite difficult to manage. We have little to no control over them. So if your strands are falling out, it's important to compensate with your hair care

What Causes Hair Fall and How Can You Avoid It?

Before it's too late!
Losing a few hair strands here and there is completely normal. If some fall every time you shower or brush out some tangles, there's no need to panic right away. That said, why does hair fall out in the first place? This,

Review: This Hair Brush Helped Me Reduce Hair Fall and Breakage

No more bad hair days.
What: Goody Ouchless Cushion BrushWhat it is:According to Goody, the Ouchless Cushion Brush contains FlexGlide bristles that aim to detangle hair without breaking strands. It reports a 55% decrease in hair breakage, based on laboratory tests. The brush's bristles also come with ball tips

13 Things Girls with Really Fine Hair Will Understand

Every strand counts!
The struggle of having fine hair is so real, it could give Rapunzel a heart attack. If you’re blessed with hair as strong as rope, then congrats, you are one those lucky ladies who can just about do whatever they please with

Head And Shoulders Announces A Suprising New Endorser

John Lloyd Cruz claims he's found "the one" in his new shampoo brand.
High profile breakups always get people talking. So when celebrity heavyweight John Lloyd Cruz was revealed as the newest endorser for Head and Shoulders, it left the beauty industry—as host for the event Sam YG aptly stated—scratching their heads wondering why the