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How to Take Care of Light Brown Hair So It Won't Turn Brassy

Extend the time in between touch-ups!
I've always known the consequences of coloring my hair, especially bleaching it. I knew that it would become dry and frizzy from all the damage, so I was prepared to pile on the hair masks and serums before leaving the salon. What

Here's How You Can Maintain a High Quality Hair Color

And healthy hair, too!
Coloring your hair can be one of the easiest ways to switch up your look, but it can also be a drastic change especially if you stray far from your natural hair color. Choosing the color and brand of your hair dye

These Beauty Products Were Banned in the Past 100 Years

These are the things that could've gotten you in trouble.
If you haven't appreciated your freedom to wear red lipstick, get tattoos, and color your hair lately, then we have something that will make you do so. Allure has revealed an interesting list of beauty products that were either banned or illegal at some

The Morena’s Guide to Wearing Trendy Hair Color

New year, new hair.
I feel you, oh fellow dusky lady. It’s hard enough as it is to find The One hair color-wise, what more when your skintone isn't the same as your Hollywood spirit animal? We’re here to help you on this journey of dye-scovery,

10 Expert Tips to Achieve Your Dream Hair Color

Be realistic!
Your dream hair color is just one salon session away, but taking extra precautions will make sure you hit the jackpot on the first try. Here are some pro tips to keep in mind:1. Bring photos for reference.L'Oréal Color expert Chrissy Calderon

Review: This Hair Dye Works Exactly Like Shampoo

It foams, too!
I try not to color my hair too much. And that's not because I'm afraid of damaging it, but because I dread the repetitive touch-up process. Because even though I could do it at home, I'm way too paranoid that I might

I Went After My Dream Hair Color and It Was Worth It

If it's meant to be, it will be.
I’ve had variations of red-violet hair for as long as I’ve been working in Preview, and one day I was like, maybe I should go dark again? I’ve sacrificed so much already for my red hair. I don’t expose my hair to

The Dos and Don'ts of Coloring Your Hair at Home

Celebrity hairstylist Mark Rosales gives us the lowdown.
When your life is becoming routine, nothing beats a hair color swap to instantly freshen up your look and stir up your inner confidence. While a dye job is definitely a quick pick-me-up, it's no secret that a trip to the salon

LOTD: How to Decide If You Should Go Blonde Like Margaret Zhang

Think long and hard before you take the plunge.
The current stream of "new year, new me" posts on our feeds suggests that multi-hyphenate Margaret Zhang won't be the only one rocking blonde hair for 2017. Next to shoulder lengths and full fringes, many are calling that a drastic color change is in

Confessions of a Hair Dye Virgin

Five things I learned in the swivel chair.
Aside from a very bad perm I subjected myself to back in my first year of university, I've never had my hair done. The most shocking change my mane's ever been through is probably that time I got a good eight inches

Trend Alert: Are you Ready for Glow in the Dark Hair?

You won’t need any night lights anymore.
Over the year, we’ve witnessed a lot of hair dyes that kept blowing us away—from hidden rainbow hair to rose gold to chocolate colored, we’ve seen them all. But behold, perhaps the craziest trend to hit us has arrived: glow in the

Rainbow Hair Was Always in Fashion

Well, would you look at hue!
Have you ever wondered whoever thought it was cute to have rainbow hair? We don’t know who either, but everybody’s on it, and I was recently convinced myself. I did a little researching on where/how/why alternative (read: non-human) hair color began to

I Dyed My Hair Blonde and This is What Happened

Yes, I do have a blonde ambition.
I remember the first time I was bitten by the blonde bug. I was quite unsure, so I went ombré—bronde (a mix of blonde and brunette) with blonde ends. I knew having to subject my strands to bleach meant that my life

Which Hair Color Should You Wear To Work?

A working girl's 101 on what colors are to dye for (literally). 
Round-the-clock, 'round-the-world, and 'round the... color wheel? A corporate job by no means signifies your style has to be bound to your desk. Change things up with a new hair hue and instantly add interest to your look as well as your life. Color

5 Ateneans With Cool Hair Colors

Rocking the blue and white and everything else in between.
Summer is finally in the air. It’s time to seize the day while we're young, when #yolo is our permanent hashtag. While new adventures don’t always come in the form of sky- or cliff diving, even the little things, like a drastic

Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Platinum Blonde

Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Platinum Blonde
They say blondes have all the fun and it seems Adam Levine wanted to find out. In a recent Instagram post, the Sexiest Man Alive shocked his followers after showing off his newly dyed hair in platinum blonde. For what reason? It's