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10 Best Hair Dryers for a Quick and Easy Blowout

These will blow you (and your hair) away.
Say what you want about heat styling, but there's no denying that hair dryers can give you more than air-drying does in 10 minutes or less (just don't forget your heat protectant!). Add that to how these mini wind machines will save

How to Enhance Your Hair's Natural Volume Without Using an Iron

It's like your hair, but better.
If you're not blessed with curling iron skills, then we bear good news. The grunge, "natural" hair look that was big in the '90s has never really gone out of style, and you can easily cop the look right now.Backstage at the Vetements'

Is This P21,500 Hair Dryer Really Worth It?

You’re paying for technological breakthroughs.
Truth be told, I never realized I was frustrated about my hair dryer—bulky, heavy, difficult to maneuver, ear-splitting, attachments keep falling off even with the slightest thump, and the worst, my hair being sucked into and trapped in the filter—until I tried

Review: This Noiseless Hair Dryer Can Cut Your Drying Time in Half

Yup, you heard it here first.
If you’re a beauty girl and haven’t already heard of the brand Dyson, that’s fine, you’re ok. That’s because they’ve been known longer for their vacuum cleaning innovations (which are truly a thing of the future!). But now, they’re reversing airflow with

Hot Hair Tools

Here's the lowdown on hair prettifying technology.
Ahh, hot tools. They’re probably categorized under every girl’s Beauty Sins folder, but despite the damage they wreak on fragile strands, we still turn to them time and time again to achieve flawless hair. But with new-fangled technology introducing foreign lingo like