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This is The Weird Hair Color Trend Celebs Love Right Now

Are you willing to try it?
This quarantine period has made people do things they normally wouldn't. Whether that be venturing into baking for the very first time, mix and matching pieces in your wardrobe that you've never worn before, and most commonly, changing up your hairstyle. But

Light Brown Hair Colors to Try for a Subtle Change in 2020

Try a cool-toned ash brown shade for a change!
For most of us, brown is the first hair color we've ever tried. After all, it's the second most natural-looking shade to black, and it's not too difficult to maintain. We won't be surprised if you've stuck with the classic color for years!

Chocolate Lilac Hair Is the New Trend to Try for Your Next Dye Job

Not ready for a bright pastel hue? Then try this instead!
We can't deny our fascination for pastel-colored hair. It's been on trend for so many years now—and we have to admit, it takes a brave heart to actually sport it in real life. It's loud, eye-catching, and a scene-stealer. But if the thought

"Cold Brew Hair" Is the Cool Brown Hair Trend You Have to Try

Yup, it's a thing!
Hair color inspiration can come from anywhere—your Instagram feed, a friend, or even the drink you're holding right now. The "milk tea hair" trend is enough proof of the latter, because aside from being everyone's go-to treat, it suddenly became part of

How to Take Care of Light Brown Hair So It Won't Turn Brassy

Extend the time in between touch-ups!
I've always known the consequences of coloring my hair, especially bleaching it. I knew that it would become dry and frizzy from all the damage, so I was prepared to pile on the hair masks and serums before leaving the salon. What

Here's Why Brown Hair Color Is a Popular Choice Among Filipinas

It doesn't require bleaching!
A hair color trend is born when: 1) beauty experts talk about them; 2) we see them on the hottest celebs; and 3) it's all over Instagram. Usually, these trendy hair colors are loud and high-maintenance, so many people are too intimidated

The Best Hair Colors to Help Enhance Your Tan Skin

Want to stay a brunette or try going blonde? Check out our top recos here!
Following age-old beauty rules? We’re happy to report that it’s not really a thing now—especially when it comes to your hair. But just in case you want to do a little research and arm yourself with more color inspo before your next

How to Pick a Hair Color for Your Medium Skin Tone

Know how to work your color, whatever undertone you are.
Hair color, as we know it in the Philippines, used to be one thing for the longest time: follow your skin color. Typically, the "parlor," as it is customarily called where we're from, will dictate what box color we should crack open

Review: This Salon Can Make Your Crazy Hair Color Dreams Come True

Platinum silver? Rose gold? This salon can do it for you!
I’ve always wanted to have blue hair since I entered college in 2006. It wasn't frowned upon in art school, so I thought, why not? However, that was more than 10 years ago; it was before rainbow-colored hair dyes were readily available

LOTD: Here's a Fresh Hair Color Morenas Can Easily Pull Off

Take cues from Monika Sta. Maria!
Golden-skinned ladies, don't be intimidated by the thought of lighter hair. There are infinitely many hair colors out there, so there's bound to be a shade that'll fit you just right. Take cues from Asia's Next Top Model alumna, Monika Sta. Maria, who recently dyed

The Morena’s Guide to Wearing Trendy Hair Color

New year, new hair.
I feel you, oh fellow dusky lady. It’s hard enough as it is to find The One hair color-wise, what more when your skintone isn't the same as your Hollywood spirit animal? We’re here to help you on this journey of dye-scovery,

These Are The Hair Colors You Should Try in 2018

Start fresh with these hues!
Sick of dyeing your tresses light or warm brown? Don't worry, these hair color ideas will inspire you to the hit the salon ASAP so you can debut your new hair for 2018!Dipped EndsNow's your chance to be creative! If you're unsure

I Went After My Dream Hair Color and It Was Worth It

If it's meant to be, it will be.
I’ve had variations of red-violet hair for as long as I’ve been working in Preview, and one day I was like, maybe I should go dark again? I’ve sacrificed so much already for my red hair. I don’t expose my hair to

4 Expert-Approved Hair Colors That Perfectly Suit Morenas

Which shade are you getting?
You're free to paint your locks with whatever color you want. Your hair is your canvas, so play around as you wish! However, listening and following some color theories won't hurt as well. Matching the tones of your skin to that of

Do Brondes Have More Fun?

Nope, that's not a typo.
After Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix Salon uploaded this photo of Jodi Sta. Maria's new 'do, it got us thinking. Do blondes have more fun? Debuting a layered bob with lightened layers, Jodi's light hair is making us want to go shorter (and

Hair Color 101: The Slicing Technique

Highlight your way to a stylish makeover!
It’s natural for us girls to want a makeover every once in a while. And most often than not, that means either getting a lob (which is obviously a trend for the celebrities nowadays) or switching to a new hair color. If