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These Gorgeous Photos Will Finally Convince You to Wear Hair Barrettes

Maybe it's time you try the trend!
More is more these days, and the same mantra goes for your mane! Decorate your crowning glory with this season's wildly creative selection of hair barrettes that come in all sorts of shapes and materials—there are rhinestone logos, acrylic seashells, sparkling beads,

This is How You Can Turn Your Hair Into Graffiti Art

It can be your new hair accessory!
There’s always a new hair trend coming up faster than you can say granny hair. And since permanent changes are usually high-maintenance, we're thankful for those that are non-committal.Just take a look at this new graffiti hair trend. Basically, it's stenciling your

Off We Go To Beauty School

It was a head-to-toe (mental) makeover at Procter and Gamble's Vision House this year.
In what the closest thing is to a business conference in the world of personal care, Procter & Gamble’s Vision House comes back this year, having us all troop to Beijing to meet and mingle with the brand’s family.A tableau of P&G

Agoo Bengzon Shares Her Beautiful Discovery

This beauty editor sure knows beauty inside and out.
Agoo Bengzon is no stranger to the beauty industry and she has developed a keen eye for what is truly beautiful and knows how to be one, especially on red carpet events."Working in the beauty industry, I need to look my best

A Girl's Guide To Layers Part 2

This time around, we show you how to deal with thick and curly hair.
Picking up from where we left off last week with tips in understanding the different types of layered cuts inspired by something we picked up from Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department, we now go into detail with something that's more relatable to Pinays. While it’s

Bombshell Waves, Achieved!

Seductive, va-va-voom curls you can do by yourself, without the aid of magic or Photoshop. See our step-by-step tutorial.
Summer is considered to be the high time to flirt and flaunt—it’s the seasonwhen you show off your perfect pins and abs. But if you want a shortcut to being sexy sans dieting and exercise (we still recommend that, though), you can

Who Wore It Better: Kelly Or Nicole?

Who rocked lavender hair better?
Fashion designer, mom of two, and fashionista extraordinaire Nicole Richie has everyone in the beauty world buzzing about her newly dyed 'do—in lavender! On her Instagram selfie, which by the way is fabulous, Nicole's then blonde lob is seen in a totally

Lorde, With Her Big Hair, Is On The Cover Of V Magazine

Lorde, With Her Big Hair, Is On The Cover of V Magazine
Singer Lorde's big, bouncy hair gets a special mention on the cover of V Magazine because its glory takes up almost half of the space. Apart from her soothing voice, Lorde's curly hair has always caught our attention. We love that she embraces

Britney Spears Moves Back To The Dark Side

Britney Spears Moves Back to the Dark Side
Oops, she did it again!Looks like the Disney alumnae are spinning up the news today. After Selena Gomez dropped the rehab bomb last week, former Mouseketeer, Britney Spears has the internet abuzz as she goes back to the dark side—again. We're talking

Breaking Bad

We spill the tricks on how to get anti-pretty, rebel hair.
We’ve been brainwashed by society and ads dictating that beautiful hair should always be perfectly smooth, straight, and shiny. But nowadays, it’s a relief seeing models and celebrities embracing messy hair because let’s face it, it does take a village to having

Kathryn Bernardo

We pick the best beauty looks of our August cover girl, teen queen Kathryn Bernardo.
The sweet girl is now a fine young lady. From the time she got her first big break from Mara Clara back in 2010, Kathryn Bernardo has grown up and evolved into a stunning teen star. Now at 17 and still as fresh

L'oreal Paris Beauty Trend Report A/w 2013

The beauty bigwig rounds up the best Paris A/W beauty trends.
Wasn't it just summer? The flirty sunny season might be over but it doesn't mean that makeup colors need to be dark and boring. L'Oréal Paris takes note of the best Paris Fashion Week beauty looks and gives us a lowdown on how

Preview Best Dressed Ball: The Best Of Beauty

Groovy ladies whose hair and makeup stole the show.
The '70s were a time when in the beauty department, it was go glam or go home. At the recent Preview Best Dressed Ball, we spotted a number of ladies doing the decade of disco proud with amazing hair and flawless makeup.